Sharp Shooter Lax Camp scores successful first year

Coastal Point • Tripp Colonell: Coach Dave Spencer, left, and Garrett Bomhardt, right, look on while a player goes to the goal during a drill.Coastal Point • Tripp Colonell: Coach Dave Spencer, left, and Garrett Bomhardt, right, look on while a player goes to the goal during a drill.The Sharp Shooter Lax Shooting Camp this past week wrapped up its first summer as one of the area’s only skill-specific lacrosse camps. And according to Dave Spencer, who both coaches lacrosse at Indian River High School and started the camp with coach Jim Dietsch, the camp was a success both for local players and the growth of the sport in Sussex County on the whole.

“It was better than we anticipated. Kids are hungry for the sport of lacrosse in Sussex County, and there’s nothing like this around,” Spencer explained. “We had quite a draw.”

With Dietsch’s more than 40 years of coaching experience and Spencer’s experience as both a D1 player and pro for the Baltimore Thunder, players from area high schools, including Woodbridge, Sussex Tech, Sussex Central, Milford and Indian River, area middle schools and even some out-of-town players on vacation in the area flocked to hone their shooting skills during the camp’s two sessions held during the span of two weeks.

“Coach Dietsch and Coach Spencer just make everything easier,” said IRHS attackman Garrett Bomhardt. “I definitely feel more accurate, and I’m definitely shooting faster.”

With each session spanning three days and taking place from 9 to 11 a.m. so as to try to beat the heat, players worked on basic and advanced shooting mechanics, learning techniques such as hand placement, hip rotation and where to draw power.

They also learned when and where to apply techniques, whether it is shooting from outside, in close or on the run.

There was even a guest appearance on the camp’s final day, by Indian River goalkeeper Hayden McWilliams, who jumped in the net to allow players to test out their skills.

“It was fun — we tried to keep it light-hearted while teaching the mechanics at the same time,” Spencer explained.

With players seeing improvement over the three days, and some even showing up for both sessions, Spencer’s strategy seemed to be a successful one.

It even helped spark interest in the sport from players who had previously never even picked up a stick.

“I have friends that came to the camp, and they’re going to start playing lacrosse now,” said Selbyville Middle School student Ryan Fuhrman, who has been playing for lacrosse in Rehoboth for the past three years.

“It’s definitely good that they’re trying to grow lacrosse down here. It’s not as popular down here as it is up in Rehoboth, so it’s good that they’re getting these camps together.”

While Spencer said that future Sharp Shooter productions could include some different types of camps and positional clinics in the area, he also said that growing the sport locally was their ultimate goal.

“The sport has been so good to me,” he said. “I want to give back, and I want to see the sport grow in Sussex County. It’s such a great sport.”

To inquire about future camps, or about Sharp Shooter, check them out on Facebook or contact Dave Spencer at