Council member to host Fenwick Island ‘Town Talks’ series

Fenwick Island Town Councilwoman Julie Lee is beginning a series of informal Town Talks, starting Friday, Sept. 23, at 5 p.m., after the next town council meeting.

“It’s all for the positive; it’s open to the public,” Lee announced at the August council meeting.

She said it’s a chance for people to discuss issues they feel are important in town. Each talk will have a theme, beginning with “The Beach.”

“I am accountable to the people who elected me,” Lee stated. “I want to listen to the community and find out what is important to them. I want to discuss what our council should be addressing.”

Although citizens are welcome to speak at council meetings during the public participation time, Lee said, she wanted to create “a more open conversation about the issues and provide for more dialogue.”

She said the events are intended as a positive process to share ideas.

“We will record our ideas, suggestions and questions, and there will be follow-up,” Lee stated.

Attendees at the first meeting will also discuss future topics of interest and scheduling. Dates and times of future meetings may vary to allow different people to participate.