Coffee with a Cop continues in Selbyville

The Selbyville Public Library has been ahead of the game by inviting local police to come speak with their community. Their next public “Coffee with a Cop” event will be Friday, Oct. 7, at 5 p.m. in the Selbyville Public Library meeting room.

This time, it’s part of a larger effort and the first National Coffee with a Cop Day.

“I think, with the current state of community relations, anytime we can go out and interact in a positive manner is a good thing,” said Selbyville Police Chief W. Scott Collins.

During this informal event, Selbyville police officers discuss a new topic each month. Citizens can also ask questions about any public-safety topic.

Topics include “everything from current crime trends — whether it’s the tax hoaxes or, now, the clowns… We’re going to do holiday safety tips, now through the holiday season,” Collins said. “So we try to hit on something a little different at each one.”

The library has previously hosted Coffee with a Cop, as well as the kid-friendly Cookies with a Cop.

“People can just come in and have a chat with Chief Collins,” Library Director Kelly Kline previously said. “It makes people feel better when they can come in and interact with their police on just a basic level.”

The goal is to increase citizens’ trust of law enforcement, to better educate people on public safety and correct any rumors or problems.

Adults usually only interact with police when something goes wrong, but, Kline has said, “It’s important to have a good connection with the people who protect our community.”

The Selbyville Public Library is located at the corner of McCabe and Main streets. For more information, contact the library at (302) 436-8195 or