Sheriff Sale - WRDG, LLC

By virtue of a writ of Levari Facias, to me directed,
will be exposed to Public sale on:
Tuesday, 15th day of November, 2016
At 9:30 AM & Thereafter

At the Sussex County Sheriff's Office, West Complex, 22215 DuPont Boulevard, Georgetown, Delaware, Georgetown Hundred, Sussex County, State of Delaware, the following described real estate to wit:

A part of all that certain real property located in Baltimore Hundred, Sussex County, State of Delaware, situate on the westerly right-of-way of Route 381, being depicted and described on that certain Subdivision Plan-Waters Run prepared by Land Design, Inc., dated February 9, 2012 (revised March 23, 2012), of record in the Office of the Recorder of Deeds, aforesaid in Plot Book 169, Page 92, being specifically designated thereon as:

• Waters Run Lot 2 (SCTM: 5-33-12.00-861.00);
• Waters Run Lot 5 (SCTM: 5-33-12.00-864.00);
• Waters Run Lot 6 (SCTM: 5-33-12.00-865.00);
• Waters Run Lot 7 (SCTM: 5-33-12.00-866.00);
• Waters Run Lot 8 (SCTM: 5-33-12.00-867.00);
• Waters Run Lot 9 (SCTM: 5-33-12.00-868.00);
• Waters Run Lot 10 (SCTM: 5-33-12.00-869.0.0);
• Waters Run Lot 18 (SCTM: 5-33-12.00-877.00);
• Waters Run Lot 19 (SCTM: 5-33-12.00-878.00);
• Waters Run Lot 20 (SCTM: 5-33-12.00-879.00);
• Waters Run Lot 21 (SCTM: 5-33-12.00-880.00);
• Waters Run Lot 22 (SCIM: 5-33-12.00-881.00);
• Waters Run Lot 23 (SCTM: 5-33-12.00-882.00);
• Waters Run Lot 24 (SCTM: 5-33-12.00-883.00);
• Waters Run Lot 25 (SCTM: 5-33-12.00-884.00);
• Waters Run Lot 26 (SCTM: 5-33-12.00-885.00);
• Waters Run Lot 27 (SCTM: 5-33-12.00-886.00);
• Waters Run Lot 28 (SCTM: 5-33-12.00-887.00);
• Waters Run Lot 29 (SCTM: 5-33-12.00-888.00);
• Waters Run Lot 30 (SCTM: 5-33-12.00-889.00);
• Waters Run Lot 31 (SCTM: 5-33-12.00-890.00);
• Waters Run Lot 32 (SCTM: 5-33-12.00-891.00);
• Waters Run Lot 33 (SCTM: 5-33-12.00-892.00);
• Waters Run Lot 34 (SCTM: 5-33-12.00-893.00);
• Waters Run Lot 35 (SCTM: 5-33-12.00·894.00);
• Waters Run Lot 36 (SCTM: 5 33-12.00-895.00);
• Waters Run Lot 37 (SCTM: 5-33-12.00-896.00);
• Waters Run Subdivision Open Areas A, B & C (SCTM: 5_33:12.00-20.00);
• Waters Run Subdivision Streets (SCTM: 5-33-12.00-916.00)

Being a part of the properly described in a Deed between B & T Lynch Family Partnership, LLC, Grantor, and WRDG, LLC, Grantee, dated March 26, 2010, and recorded March 29, 2010, in the Office of the Recorder of Deeds, located at Georgetown, Sussex County, Delaware, in Deed Book 3770, Page 100; and being a part of the same property described in a Second Mortgage, of record in the Office of the Recorder of Deeds, aforesaid, in Mortgage Book 11644, Page 63.


Registration is required for all bidders prior to sale. A $4,000.00 deposit (Cash or Cashiers/certified check payable to Sheriff of Sussex County) and valid driver’s license or photo I.D. are required to register.

TERMS: 20 percent of the purchase money will be demanded on day of sale (The $4,000.00 Bidder Registration Fee will be credited to the 20%
deposit). Cash or Cashier's Check is required. The balance is to be paid on or before 12/19/16. Sale subject to confirmation by the Superior Court on 12/27/16; subject to a 1 1/2 percent Delaware Realty Transfer Tax; 3/4
percent to be paid by the Seller and 3/4 percent to be paid by the Purchaser; and subject to 1 1/2 percent Sussex County Realty Tax, 3/4 percent to be paid by the Seller and 3/4 percent to be paid by the Purchaser. Any further Transfer Tax is the responsibility of the Purchaser. The Purchaser will be required to pay the cost of the deed. If the Purchaser fails to comply with these terms the percentum paid at the time of sale will be forfeited. Please make checks payable to: Sheriff of Sussex County.

Seized and taken in execution the property of
and will be sold by
Robert T. Lee, Sheriff

CP 20161104 2T