Tripple Overtime: ‘Banquet Crashers’: I got a new shirt last week

What do you like better, Christmas or wedding season? The correct answer would be: banquet season.

There’s nothing like a good misquoted Vince Vaughnism [sic] to send us into the most wonderful time of the year.

And, no, I’m not talking about the upcoming potentially legally indemnifying and utterly denominational holiday(s), or “Fred Clause,” for that matter.

I’m not talking about Christmas, or Hannukah, or Kwanza, or Festivus or whatever else. I’m talking about something way better. Something that, if they haven’t done a movie on it yet, they should. I’m talking about banquet season.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been hitting the buffet and breaking bread with the some of the best fall sports teams and families that Indian River High School has to offer, to the point where the chefs and waiters at Bear Trap Dunes have started sending curious eyeballs my way, as if they’re, like, wondering if I’m straight-up crashing these things or what’s the deal.

But unlike Vince, I haven’t had to pretend to be Cousin Sid’s kid, Leonard, (you know, the diabetic) or tell people that I’m a venture capitalist at an emerging maple syrup conglomerate, because, thanks to the generosity of the volleyball and the field hockey boosters so far, I’ve actually gotten invited to put on my best (only) shirt and carb up on some angel hair.

This all accompanied, of course, by the whole awards-ceremony/speech-type thing, and that “ju ju on that beat” dance that I don’t quite understand but thoroughly enjoy nonetheless and that the field hockey team has gotten pretty good at in my own personal “ju ju on that beat” opinion.

Needless to say, it’s a pretty tremendous honor to get the invites, “on that beat” or no, to the point where I was, like, even looking for new shirts to wear to these things to look more professional and everything.

I guess my go-to shirt is getting kind of old, because what was even more above and beyond was when field hockey goalie Mya Parks’ mom, Denise, took it upon herself to make sure I didn’t screw the whole new-shirt thing up and went out to pick me up three pretty styling new ones and a sweater and a jacket and everything.

It’s to the point that it actually looks like maybe I might have some style, which I plan to rock when I crash the football and soccer banquets tonight.

I guess the point that I’m trying to make here is pretty simple: It’s a pretty cool gig I got going at the Coastal Point, and getting to cover IR sports and getting to know everyone and feel like you’re a part of the community and making a difference and all that.

So, free spaghetti or shirt-shopping help or no, as banquet season winds down, I just want to say to everyone that makes that the way that it is, “Thanks,” because I’m pretty sure that it’s not in every town that the reporters get treated so well.