IR wrestling team starts 7-0

Coastal Point • Shaun M. Lambert: Senior Jared Arlett wrestles his way to an 8-0 major decision after jumping up two weight classes to 145 on Jan. 20.Coastal Point • Shaun M. Lambert: Senior Jared Arlett wrestles his way to an 8-0 major decision after jumping up two weight classes to 145 on Jan. 20.While invitational tournaments may be winding down for the Indian River High School wrestling team, dual meets are just starting to gear up.

Whether they need an RSVP or not, however, the Indians have been continuing to rack up the wins.

That’s exactly what they did while hosting their first home dual-meet of the season on Thursday, Jan. 12, rolling Wilmington Christian School 66-9, to move to 2-0.

“There were definitely some bonus points that we left out there,” said IR head coach Jeff Windish after the match. “We’ve got some work to do to clean that kind of stuff up, but a win’s a win, so the coaching staff is pleased.”

The Indians jumped out to a quick 6-0 lead when freshman Chris Saylor went out at 106 and managed a pin in just 49 seconds.

Freshman Will Rayne found similar success at 113, getting the fall in just 37 seconds, and freshman Ta’Jon Knight would put the Indians up 18-0 when he made it three pins in a row at 120.

With no opposition from the Warriors at 126, 132 and 138 however, Windish would decide to shuffle the lineup and bump some of the squad’s heavy-hitters up a few weight classes to ensure they got a match. That included senior Jared Arlett, who — despite wresting at 145 instead of his usual spot at 132 — still came away with a 8-0 victory in a major decision.

“Jared bumping up two weight classes — that’s tough to do,” Windish said. “That’s tough to ask anybody to do, and I think he did a very solid job. He wrestled well.”

At 152, sophomore Reshawn Turner went toe to toe with Wilmington’s Andrew McNeill, eventually earning the Indians another six points, with a fall in 3:02.

While he was pleased with the pin, Turner had nearly pulled it off slightly earlier in the bout but had to persist before finally managing the finishing move.

“At first, I tried to get the half-nelson in, but he got out of it, so I had to move my hips around a little bit to pin him back on the mat,” Turner said.

“He was a pretty tough opponent. Sometimes it takes a while to get the right move in. You have to take the time to set it in to seal the deal and get the win.”

The closest battle of the night came two weight classes later, when IR senior Arturo Salas went down to the wire with Wilmington’s Evan Roberts, eventually pulling out a 7-4 decision.

“Arturo gutted-out a win. That’s a bonus-points match,” said Windish. “He gutted it out and came up with a win, and that’s important — not leaving points out there.”

Then, at 182, IR senior Zeke Marcozzi finished with a 16-0 tech fall over Wilmington’s Luke Campbell.

Campbell, a sophomore, avoided the pin from the highly-touted Marcozzi, despite several close calls early on and enduring multiple bloody noses during the match.

Marcozzi’s 111th career victory came after a first-place finish at the Delcastle Invitational on Saturday, Jan. 7, when he took down Sussex Central senior Luke Hudson in the finals after Hudson had done the same to him during the finals at the Battle of the Beach tournament held at IR last month.

“This one was totally different. It basically all flipped,” Marcozzi said of his 5-3 victory over Hudson at Delcastle in comparison to Hudson’s 6-4 overtime victory at IR. “He was more defensive, and I was steadily attacking all six minutes.”

The battle at 182 between the longtime friends won’t be the last this season, with the Indians set to travel to Central for a dual meet on Wednesday, Feb. 8, and Hudson and Marcozzi finding themselves among state favorites to vie for individual titles at both conferences and states next month.

Over the course of the next two days, on Friday, Jan. 13, and Saturday, Jan. 14, the Indians racked up five more wins and stayed undefeated at 7-0 with a sweep at Rebel Duals in Hagerstown, Md., taking down four opponents from the next state over, including Century, 43-29; South Hagerstown, 67-9; Boonsboro, 51-27; and Thomas Johnson, 78-6; and West Virginia’s Martinsburg, 66-18.

“We know that we have a lot of wrestling to do this week,” Windish said after the Wilmington Christian match, as the team headed into the Rebel Duals. “When we come through this weekend, we’re going to be battled-tested — there’s no doubt about it. But this is a team that can handle that kind of stuff.”

With five wins of his own at that tournament, Marcozzi was at 116 career wins headed into a match at Lake Forest, needing just 12 more wins to surpass the school’s all-time-wins record.

The undefeated Indians were set to hit the road to face Lake Forest at Coastal Point press time on Wednesday, Jan. 18, before an away match at North East High School in Maryland on Friday, Jan. 20.

They weren’t scheduled to return home for a match until Wednesday, Jan. 25, when they’ll take on defending Division II state champion Milford at 6 p.m. in a match holding potential Henlopen South title implications.

“We’ve been working hard at practice. We all try and make each other better,” Turner said of the season’s success so far and going forward. “I think we’re gonna have a good season this year.”

Marcozzi countdown to the record:

Career wins (as of Jan. 17): 116

IR school record: 127

Wins to go: 12


Indians 66, Wilmington Christian 9 (Thursday, Jan. 12)

106: C.Saylor (IR) p. D.Seeman :49

113: W.Rayne (IR) p. F.Acierno :37

120: T.Knight (IR) p. B.Snellgrove 2:22

126: J.O’Neal (IR) fft

132: P.Gogarty (IR) fft

138: G.Gano (IR) fft

145: J.Arlett (IR) md. K.Bradford 8-0

152: Re.Turner (IR) p. A.McNeill 3:02

160: T.Boulet (WC) d. E.Winstead 10-3

170: A.Salas (IR) d. E.Roberts 7-4

182: Z.Marcozzi (IR) tf L.Campbell 16-0

195: M.Reynoso (WC) p. J.Keller 5:57

220: Z.Shultz (IR) fft

285: Ra. Turner (IR) fft

Indians 43, Century (Md.) 29 (Rebel Duals)

106: Saylor (IR) p. Armstrong 3:50

113: Rayne (IR) tf Hurst 19-3

120: Knight (IR) md Cline 8-3

126: O’Neal (IR) p. Fitzgerald 5:00

132: Arlett (IR) tf Hearbig 16-0

138: Gano (IR) d. Micelli 14-10

145: Dahl (C) tf Ciriello 19-3

152: Turner (IR) p. Pearson 5:20

160: Wardal (C) p. Salas 1:15

170: Davis (C) p. Donaway :45

182: Marcozzi (IR) p. Steen :40

195: Keller (IR) d. Moore 4-2

220: Akers (C) p. Shultz :20

285: Rothsteine (C) p. Turner :40

Indians 67, South Hagerstown (Md.) 9 (Rebel Duals)

106: Rayne (IR) p. Cummings :34

113: Lopez (IR) fft

120: Knight (IR) fft

126: O’Neal (IR) p. Garey :53

132: Arlett (IR) p. Jenkins 1:26

138: Gano (IR) fft

145: Ciriello (IR) p. Pollard 2:29

152: Turner (IR) p. Adams :39

160: Salas (IR) p. Duff 2:20

170: Tuenis (SH) d. Donaway 10-7

182: Marcozzi (IR) md. Sanon 16-5

195: Keller (IR) fft

220: Shultz (IR) d. Hemphill 13-9

285: King-Pompo (SH) p. Turner :41

Indians 78, Thomas Johnson (Md.) 6

106: Rayne (IR) fft

113: Lopez (IR) fft

120: Knight (IR) fft

126: Gogarty (IR) fft

132: Arlett (IR) fft

138: Gano (IR) fft

145: King (IR) fft

152: Winstead (IR) fft

160: Zimmerman (IR) fft

170: Salas (IR) p. Wulff :30

182: Marcozzi (IR) p. Brown :50

195: Keller (IR) p. Wulff 1:41

220: Castro (TJ) p. Shultz 5:00

285: Turner (IR) p. Sutphin :40

Indians 51, Boonsboro (Md.) 27

106: Rayne (IR) p. Ferguson 1:25

113: T.Huntsberry (B) p. Lopez 1:47

120: Knight (IR) p. Henline 5:18

126: O’Neal (IR) p. H.Huntsberry 2:37

132: Arlett (IR) p. Leonardo 1:27

138: Graham (B) d. Gano 4-1

145: Ciriello (IR) p. Bowman 1:22

152: M.Chris (B) fft

160: Salas (IR) p. Valenti 4:20

170 Crook (B) p. Donaway :55

182: Marcozzi (IR) fft

195: Cook (B) p. Keller :22

220: Shultz (IR) d. Riley 5-4

285: Turner (IR) fft

Indians 66, Martinsburg (W.Va.) 18

106: Bosley (M) p. Saylor 2:00

113: Rayne (IR) p. Creager 2:20

120: Knight (IR) fft

126: O’Neal (IR) K.Resch 1:40

132: Arlett (IR) p. Campbell 1:50

138: L.Resch (M) p. W.Keller 1:06

145: King (IR) fft

152: Turner (IR) fft

160: Salas (IR) Martin :30

170: Donaway (IR) p. King 2:44

182: Marcozzi (IR) p. Forrester :10

195: J.Keller (IR) p. Rogers :35

220: Shultz (IR) fft

285: Moran (M) p. Turner 3:00