Abandoned Property - Bayside Mini Storage


Notice is hereby given that the following Personal Property has been abandoned at BAYSIDE MINI STORAGE, located at 36097 Zion Church Road (Route 20), Frankford, Delaware, 19945. Contents of two Storage Units will be Auctioned off June 30th, 2017. Bids will be accepted for entire contents only. Unit #A-1 Rebecca Jackimek; Unit #H-18 David Morris, Contents: DVD's, Furniture, Televisions, House Hold Items, Etc.
Notice is given, if personal property is not claimed by June 15, 2017, Storage and Rental fees paid in full, and property removed from premises, within 48 hours, this Auction will occur.
CALL DENNIS MORRIS AT 302-524-8102 for more information.

CP 20170519 4T