IRSD shakes up school administrators for 2017-2018

As students finished their last few days at school, the Indian River School District has been lining up administrators for the 2017-2018 school year.

The recent budget cuts have impacted administration. Several new assistant principals were not invited to return for a second year. Those positions will instead be filled by district-level administrators, the more tenured individuals stepping back into the schools from the district office. Their district-level duties are being spread over the remaining directors at the Indian River School District’s Education Complex.

“They’re going to have to fold it in, and other people are going to take the responsibilities,” said David Maull, district spokesperson. To his knowledge, he said, there weren’t pay bumps for the remaining administrators for the heavier loads they’re taking on.

Specific changes include:

• Principal Neil Beahan will retire from Long Neck Elementary School.

• Clara Conn will step up from assistant principal to be principal at Long Neck. The school board will address her vacancy after July 1. (Christopher Costello will remain as the other assistant principal.)

• Heather Bethurum will be leaving as principal at Southern Delaware School of the Arts to move west to Tennessee.

• Barkley Heck will become the Southern Delaware School of the Arts’ principal. Heck was formerly an assistant principal at SDSA and recently served as an assistant at IRHS. (The SDSA assistant principal position will not be filled for the time-being.)

At Indian River High School, Principal E. Bennett Murray IV has requested to step back into a position with fewer night duties, so he’ll become assistant principal, half of his time at Georgetown Elementary School (gaining half a position) and half at the Howard T. Ennis School.

To fill the IRHS vacancy, the school board transferred Mike Williams, principal at Georgetown Middle School, although his staff have said they’re reluctant to see him go.

But GMS Assistant Principal (and former Long Neck Elementary principal) David Hudson will step up to lead as GMS principal. The assistant principal’s position will be filled later.

• At IRHS, the new assistant principals will be Matthew Keller (current assistant principal at Lord Baltimore Elementary School) and Will Revels (current IRSD supervisor of Secondary Instruction).

• Travis Bower will remain an assistant principal but will transfer from Georgetown Elementary School to Lord Baltimore Elementary.

• Melissa Kansak will become principal at the G.W. Carver Academy, leaving her district office of supervisor of Accountability. Last winter, Carver director Char Hopkins took another job outside the district, leaving her relatively new position of IRSD director of Leadership Development.

• Karen Oliphant will remain an assistant principal but will transfer from the G.W. Carver Academy to North Georgetown Elementary (joining Samantha Gordy as an assistant principal there).

The 2017-2018 school year will begin Tuesday, Sept. 5.