‘Release the Kraken!’

Coastal Point • Tyler Valliant: The new 19th hole features ‘The Kraken’ from Scandinavian mythology (but it also kind of looks like the Coastal Point • Tyler Valliant: The new 19th hole features ‘The Kraken’ from Scandinavian mythology (but people say it also kind of looks like the "Star Wars" monster, too...)There may be plenty of mythology surrounding the course, but for decades, Viking Golf has been a very real fixture on the outskirts of Fenwick Island.

Whether it’s conquering 18 holes of Viking-style mini-golf, heading for the finish line at the Go-Kart track, splashing down at Thunder Lagoon waterpark, or just grabbing some boardwalk-style french fries; there’s always been something new at the “Fenwick Boardwalk.”

“The boardwalk was always here, really. First, we had some little shacks — there was a flower shop and a seafood place and a T-shirt shop, things like that,” said Jon Andersen, who, along with his brother, Tor, and business partner, Pete, took over ownership from his father, Bjorn, after he passed away. “But every couple of years, it seems like we’re doing something new.”

After renovating the greens and adding two brand new holes to the course this off-season, this summer will be no exception, as Viking Golf gets ready “release the Kraken” on Fenwick Island.

“The theme is the Kraken — a lot of people say it looks like the ‘Star Wars’ monster, too,” Andersen continued, with a laugh. “We added hole No. 14, which created then 18 regular holes and made what was the 18th hole now the 19th — so I think we’re the only course around here with 19 holes now, which is pretty cool.”

With family roots spanning back to Denmark, the legendary sea monster that was said to once dwell off the coast of Norway and Greenland that now dwells in the depths of the 19th hole was inspired by Andersen’s Scandinavian family heritage.

That’s the theme throughout the course, where amongst the trolls and waterfalls and double-headed dragons, there’s still plenty of real Nordic history and challenges for all ages.

“When you walk around, you see all these little plaques and descriptions of the Viking era that have to do with the different mythology — so it’s kind of like a history lesson at the same time,” said Andersen of the concept.

“The theme is pretty cool, obviously, but the holes are extremely detailed and all have something unique that makes them challenging. It’s actually a tough course to even get par.”

The Kraken was actually built by hand — by Tor Andersen, whose craftsmanship is on display throughout the course.

“It’s all made with metal lath and then concrete, and then he carves it,” explained Jon Andersen. “Then he paints it to give it that realistic look. Whether it’s the trolls or the mushrooms — he’s done a great job with all of them.”

In 2014, Thunder Lagoon waterpark added two brand new slides for daring Vikings to explore and an all-new “Lazy River” for already well-traveled Vikings just looking for some R&R.

“It used to be just two little blue slides that were there, and since then we re-did the whole thing,” said Andersen. “We’ve got the big tube slides and then that fast body-slide, so it’s a good combination for all different age groups.”

The Go-Karts also hold their share of attractions.

Originally just a basic oval track, the course was recently remodeled to include a whole new configuration — with a longer course, new twists and turns, new railing system and brand new go-karts.

After working up an appetite on the links, there’s ice cream, milkshakes, sundaes and more at Hershey’s Island Creamery, as well as pizza, burgers, funnel cake and boardwalk fries for hungry Vikings over at “The Hungry Viking” and even coffee at Dunkin Donuts, and plenty to check out at Tidepool Toys along the boardwalk and Kendall Furniture next door.

As for the Kraken — those brave enough to take on the 19th for a hole-in-one will get to take on the Vikings for another conquest, with a free game (there’s also unlimited play daily until 5 p.m.).

And while the Andersens weren’t sure what will be new by next summer, they did know that something always will be for the team at the Fenwick Boardwalk.

“No grand plans at this stage, but there’s always something new that we’re working on, for sure,” said Andersen.

“I think he would be very proud of what we’ve done with it since his passing,” he said of his father, Bjorn. “We’ve expanded a lot, but he’s still always the gauge.”

Viking Mini Golf, Go-Karts & Thunder Lagoon Waterpark is located at 38965 Virginia Avenue in Fenwick Island, at the intersection of Routes 1 and 54. The park is open seven days a week, starting at 9 a.m., and Viking Golf will remain open on weekends in the off-season, weather permitting. For more information, call (302) 539-1644 or visit www.vikinggolfamusements.com.