EDitorial: February 4, 2005

Hey, don’t forget us!

While the pageantry and celebration at the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk on Monday was great, we’re hoping the process is by no means over.

DNREC Secretary John Hughes, Gov. Ruth Ann Minner, Sen. Joseph Biden and a host of other powerful politicos in the state showed up to officially kick-off the Rehoboth Beach/Dewey Beach Shore Protection Project.

“Certainly some of our enthusiasm for replenishing Delaware’s beaches is about recreation and tourism and keeping our competitive edge as a tourist destination,” said Minner. “But this 50-year, multi-million dollar project is about much more than tourism. It is very much about protecting our ecological resources with habitat restoration and protecting our coastal communities with flood control.”

Hey, we have all that stuff on this side of the bridge, as well. Don’t forget us.

“Thousands of visitors come to Delaware each summer and this business is critical to the economy of Sussex County. I am proud the federal government has led the effort to secure this funding.

Ahem. We’re, um, Sussex County, as well. Don’t forget us.

One year.

We released the first issue of the Coastal Point on Feb. 6, 2004 — a 40-page publication with a few staunch supporters advertising, and one staff reporter. Today’s paper is 56 pages, with many more advertisers, and three full-time reporters. Yes, we’ve grown in many ways from our first issue, but we also hope we’ve been able to stay much the same.

It was our stated goal from day one to reflect, represent and inform this community we all hold so dear. The intent was to not just be another weekly newspaper filled with the tedious, but to be one specifically created for the dynamics and demographics of this unique region and its people. We hope to only improve in our goal of fulfilling the needs of the people we work for — our readers and advertisers.

Thank you for all your support during our first year, and we promise to not be quite so self-involved when we hit our second anniversary next February.