Editorial: February 25, 2005

Enough is enough is enough with the shared-municipality possession of Lord Baltimore Elementary School.

The school — a true entity of history for generations of local families in the community — is currently sitting on a parcel of land that is divided between Ocean View, Millville and the wild, wild west of unincorporated Sussex County. There have been discussions over who is responsible for police jurisdiction at the school, and what town, if any, is in charge of the perimeter properties. In short, for all the words that have been tossed around regarding who controls what at the elementary school, the one word that has not arisen is the one idenitfying true claim.

And now, as the school prepares for major renovations, thanks to last year’s succesful referendum, the question of jurisdiction is shining through again.

As members of the Indian River School District attempt to get approvals on plans for the school, we are left once again wondering exactly what will happen. Greg Weer, representing the school district, and the engineer for the project approached the Ocean View Planning & Zoning Commission last week regarding the plans.

Apparently, Sussex County is willing to back off their claim to the property and allow Ocean View to review and set conditions for the plans. Millville, in the past, has shown a willingness to allow Ocean View to take reign of the school as well, at least as far as police jurisdiction. There is no reason to believe Millville officials will push this issue, either.

But, even if this ends up working beautifully, hasn’t this gone on long enough?

The school district is interested in having Lord Baltimore annexed into the town of Ocean View. Now is the time for officials from Ocean View, Millville and Sussex County to get together and hash this out once and for all.

Heck, have the meeting in our office. We’ll buy the donuts.

The entire staff of the Coastal Point was relieved to hear that Bethany Beach Town Council Member Wayne Fuller is apparently doing well following recent heart surgery. He has consistently served this community well, and we wish him nothing the best in his recovery.