Library has full slate for Literary Week

This series of literary programs at the South Coastal Library in Bethany Beach will be presentedduring the week of April 11 in celebration of National Library Week:

• Writers’ Workshop with Michael Forestieri — Wednesday, April 13 at 2 p.m.

Bring your written work to a writers’ critique session lead by a professional storyteller and writer. Michael Forestieri will moderate this two-hour program for writers to lead them in critiquing their own and other writers’ works.

• Shakespeare, LIVE! with Joe Plummer — Wednesday, April 13 at 7 p.m.

This show mixes the biography of Shakespeare with some of Shakespeare’s best-loved characters, including Lear, Juliet and Falstaff. Plummer is best known to Delaware audiences impersonating another great English writer, Charles Dickens, in a one-man show he performed at 19 Delaware libraries during the past year. There will be a question-and-answer session at the end of the show.

• They Make Us Laugh: Humor Through Literature with Lee Mussoff — Thursday, April 14 at 7 p.m.

While authors may tickle our funny bone, they also make us squirm. Our best artists make us see the truth about ourselves and it isn’t always pretty. Writers such as Mark Twain, Ogden Nash and Dorothy Parker, and lyricists like Stephen Sondheim help us laugh at our weaknesses and keep our sense of humor alive and well. Explore a variety of writers, playwrights, and lyricists in this interactive presentation.

• Of Heaven, War, and Poetry with Jean Hull Herman — Friday, April 15 at 2 p.m.

Gods are always getting mixed up in wars and poetry, either being invoked or cursed. The Sphinx, the Pyramids, Stonehenge and other circles, the Nazca drawings in the Andes… who sets out to explain all this to non-theologians? Poets. But many Biblical stories are of wars, of battles; therefore, poets try to deal with the topic of war.

• Poetry Jam: Monday, April 11 5– 7 p.m.

Poets and rappers age 12 & up are invited to an informal workshop on reading and performing poetry. Refreshments will be served. Participants are encouraged (but not required) to bring in their favorite poems, and to perform at the Poetry Slam on April 15. Pre-registration required.

• Poetry Slam: Friday, April 15 7 p.m.

Poets and rappers age 12 and up are invited to attend an evening of poetry performance in a coffeehouse atmosphere. This is a non-competitive event, and all are encouraged to perform their own poems, or that of another author. Those who perform will be entered into a prize drawing at the end of the evening. If you sign up to perform, please be sure to arrive 10 minutes early, and bring a copy of the poem. Pre-registration required.

If you are interested in helping coach the poetry events, please contact Bernadette Hemingway at the library at 539-5231.