Deadline nears for School Board ballots

Anyone who will need to vote by absentee ballot in the upcoming Indian River School District (IRSD) School Board election will need to take certain steps — as soon as possible.

Residents of IRSD Districts 3 and 4 will vote for their candidate of choice on Tuesday, May 10, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Voters who won’t be able to make it to those locations on May 10 should send a letter, stop by or call the Sussex County Department of Elections as soon as possible to request an affidavit for absentee ballot. The Department of Elections is located at 119 North Race St., Georgetown, DE, 19947, or call 856-5367.

Voters fill need to receive that affidavit and fill it out (the Department of Elections can mail or fax them, but the affidavits are not available online).

It’s a relatively simple form — basically, name and address, plus why voters can’t make it to the polls. However, time is of the essence — the Department of Elections needs to receive the affidavits by noon of Friday, May 6 at the absolute latest.

At that point, no more affidavits will be accepted and no more absentee ballots sent out.

Voters must then receive and return their absentee ballots to the Department of Elections (119 North Race St.) by noon of Monday, May 9.

Failing that deadline, absentee voters will still have one last chance to hand-deliver their ballots — at the polling places on May 10. They may not attempt to vote in person at that time.

Polling places for District 3 are Indian River High (Frankford), Sussex Central Middle

(Millsboro) and Long Neck Elementary (Long Neck).

Polling places for District 4 are Indian River High and Lord Baltimore Elementary (Ocean View).