Letters: April 15, 2005

Meredith thanks the Ocean View voters

I want to take this opportunity to thank the residents of Ocean View for electing me for a second term as mayor of Ocean View. I am honored and proud that over 60 percent of the registered voters turned out at the polls; far above the national average for town elections.

I would like to clear up some misinformation generated during the recent campaign. First, all elected officials do take an oath of office in which each official swears to “uphold and defend the Constitutions of my country and my state, so help me God.”

The town has a Personnel Policy Manual that covers all personnel procedures, benefits and work practices, conditions of employment, disciplinary actions, grievances and separation.

It was stated that the town wants to spend $250,000 for a garage. This amount is a budget number for a facility for our public works department. We hope it will cost less and will only award the contract to the lowest responsible bidder.

Annexation has been a big discussion item. Builders do not build and then request annexation. Normally, developers purchase land from local landowners, then request annexation and then build. When the town annexes, it enables the town to control density, construction times and even the types of housing. Yes, we do increase our tax base and receive transfer tax. However, transfer tax monies cannot go into the general budget. These funds can only be used for public safety and capital improvements, not a rainy day fund.

It was suggested that annual budget reports are needed. Budget reports are provided monthly at every council meeting held the first Tuesday of the month. Copies are available at this meeting. If you cannot attend and want a copy, contact the staff at Town Hall. The town is not facing a budget crunch and there are no immediate plans to increase any taxes.

Voting eligibility in Ocean View has been made an issue. Only permanent residents of Ocean View are allowed to register to vote. They do not have to be property owners. Some say if you own property, but do not live here, you should be able to vote. Think about that. If you live here, but own property in another district in Sussex County, can you vote in both districts for county council? If you own property in some other town, or in another state, are you permitted to vote in their elections? I think not. In Ocean View, all property owners and residents are allowed to vote on any referendum.

It was stated that the relationship between the citizens of the town and town government was strained. I haven’t detected this. I feel the town employees and police are responsive and responsible, and the Councilmen represent their districts well. If anyone has any questions or concerns about the town, please contact me at Town Hall (302) 539-9797.

The town and the police department have a Web site. For any information, go to www.oceanviewde.com. Again, thank you for your support and vote of confidence.

Mayor Gary L. Meredith
Ocean View

Fenwick resident disagrees with letter

I do not agree with Mr. and Mrs. Griffin’s complaint (April 8th Coastal Point) with the Fenwick Island Town Council’s decision to spend $5,000 on a feasibility study for channel dredging.

Fenwick has the wonderful fortune of bordering both the Atlantic Ocean and the Little Assawoman Bay. After all these years, it is high time to put to rest the pettiness about the “bayside” and “ocean side” residents. We need not waste the time or effort worrying about the size of a neighbor’s house or its location when making decisions for the good of the town.

Instead we should work together to have a more friendly and functional community that protects and appreciates all aspects of our environment.

Bobbi L. Lednum
Fenwick Island