EDITORIAL: School Board vote a must

You could say local schools are getting a lot of attention right now.

From budget situations with the new Sussex Central High School, to layoffs at the schools to the outstanding achievements of students and school-run organizations, local schools have been receiving a lot of inches in area newspapers — some good, some bad.

Well, next Tuesday, May 10, voters in this community will get to decide two members of the Indian River School District School Board. Two people often can tilt a vote or a decision, so we can’t stress enough the importance of this election.

Those with children in the school district know exactly what’s at stake. The face of the school board can, and does, directly influence the education and safety of the children. The school board can also be responsible in part for the general reputation of the school district. This does indeed come into play when colleges review applications.

For those without children in the school district, the impact of the school board is also significant, if somewhat less obvious on the surface.

Cost over-runs and budget crunches, as well as new projects, can mean increased taxes. And, on the other side, a strong school system can enhance the general quality of life for the whole community.

This is an important election. The changing demographics in the community have brought more and more young people into our borders, meaning more and more people in our school district.

Get out and vote.