Attention Retired Dentists

Volunteer dentists are needed for a non-profit located at The Stockley campus between Millsboro and Georgetown. Sussex Smiles Dental Care, Inc. is a startup, faith-based organization treating low-income Sussex County adults, ages 18 to 64. Many of the patients qualify for Medicaid or SSI disability, but there is no dental coverage past age 20 in Delaware. The group is interested in those who can volunteer five hours or more a week, and can be flexible with time off for vacations, etc.

A Delaware dental charity license is in the works, therefore out-of-state licensed CPR, CE current dentists are encouraged to respond to 539-5443 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (St. Ann’s in Bethany) or 537-9849 in the evening. Please leave a name, mailing address and phone number to receive written literature.