EDITORIAL: Still state's punching bag

Road projects in this area have been put on hold. Yes, work to be done on Routes 54 and 26, as well as Clayton Avenue in Frankford, will be pushed back due to financial considerations.

Oh, and this just in, a study done by several travel-oriented organizations rated our little community as the third worst in the entire nation for summertime traffic delays caused by bottlenecks. To clarify, our horrendous traffic ranking is based on pure traffic issues, not taking into effect accidents or European workers on bikes or even those out-of-state drivers many locals love to bemoan.

In a nutshell, our roads are woefully inadequate for the flow of traffic we have.

This year’s $834.9 million bond bill, which funds construction projects throughout the state, did include $393.1 million for road projects, as mentioned in an article in the July 8 Coastal Point. However, $280 million is tabbed for work at the I-95/Route 1 intersection near Christiana Mall, near Newark.

Does this sound familiar?

Once again, the money generated by the tourism industry of our little corner of the world that goes to the state is greatly appreciated, but hardly ever returned. It is not an overstatement to say our roads have reached crisis levels, yet our only mode of relief is being waved ahead of us once again like a tantalizing carrot on a stick — only to be pulled away like a football before Charlie Brown launches his best kicking foot forward.

In short, we got pushed aside again.

Now, the good news is work will continue forth on the Indian River Inlet bridge. The bad news is it won’t help us out at all, and will actually hurt traffic when they make it one lane each way. Ever try getting to Beebe during an emergency? Try it with one lane.

Are we noticing a pattern here?