Letters: July 29, 2005

One solution to traffic concerns offered

It’s time to zone and implement some commercial property in outlying areas off Route 26 for local patronage.

The West Avenue to Kent Avenue loop is a good example. In fact, years ago they zoned 5 acres commercial at the corner of West Avenue and Parkerhouse Road.

Well, we got one funeral home.

So where’s the replacement for those 5 commercial acres they zoned figuring someday they would contain several shops? We all still drive out to Route 26 for a simple coffee or soda. Give me a break.

Charles Crovo
Shady Dell Park

Let’s use the correct context in quotes

I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion, whether it is regarding a bar opening or even religion. However, when it comes to The Word of God (The Holy Bible), there are no opinions, only truth.

In a letter to the editor last week, the writer quoted verses from the book of Proverbs (Proverbs 31:6-7). These verses were quoted out of context.

Our young people have a difficult enough time making right choices. I just want to make sure the readers get the whole picture. Please get out your Bible and read Proverbs 31:1 through 9.

The book of Proverbs is a compendium of moral instruction that deals with sin and holiness. It is written in poetic form with a style that makes many of its points using contrast.

If you start at verse 1 of chapter 31, you’ll understand that these verses are teachings passed on to King Solomon (Lemuel) from his mother to help prepare him to be a great leader (advising him what he should do and what he ought to avoid).

Verses 4 and 5 speak of how (kings) should avoid wine because it would distort their ability to uphold the laws and be fair to the people. Duh! Verses 6 and 7 (which were quoted in the letter) speak of the intended use for (wine) as medication.

Keep in mind that in biblical times, wine was used as a medicine, which like many things in the modern world, was greatly abused. Depression or distress then is not comparable to what we view as such now. If they were seeking medication, they were very ill — not just having a bad day.

To further understand the meaning of this passage and the point that Proverbs makes concerning this topic, you can read the following from Proverbs: Ch. 20:v. 1, Ch. 21:v. 17, Ch. 23:v. 20-21, Ch. 23:v. 30-35.

Joy Griffith

Suspects should be given more of the blame

I read your article today about the Route 26 hit-and-run.

Seems the point you’re trying to make is to wear helmets, etc., but no emphasis is being put on the driver of the car, who was running from an incident down the road. He’ll probably get his hand slapped for hitting someone and not stopping.

Seems like two weeks ago the same thing happened on Route 1 and that woman is apparently out on $1,000 bail, while the victim (bicyclist) is in the hospital.

Start blaming the “hit-and-runner” and not the victim.

John Harmon

Dedication to serve is the mission of Lions

We often find ourselves as critics of others or issues, and as human beings we do not take time to analyze or evaluate the good things in life. Normally, circumstances and creature habits precludes us as individuals not caring for the less fortunate folks.

Lord Baltimore Lions Club was chartered in 1946, 59 years ago, in Ocean View, by 22 concerned local men: farmers, storekeepers, poultry growers and business folks. The world-renowned organization and, specifically, Lord Baltimore Lions continues to serve needy citizens for financial, health, physical or medical requirements, i.e., eye testing and glasses for both children and adults, ramps for the handicapped, etc.

Funds are obtained from concerned citizens by special projects and are presently being implemented, namely, sale of car raffle tickets at Hocker’s G&E Market, Cedar Neck, during weekends, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The second project is an all-u-can-eat chicken dinner, Saturday, Aug. 13, held at the Millville Fire Hall.

The considerable manpower required comes from the club members, Boy Scouts, spouses and friends. Your participation will be self-rewarding in knowing that the financial proceeds will benefit others and will be gratefully appreciated by the Lord Baltimore Lions.

Bill Evans

Area continues to be swept aside by state

This is to commend you on your July 15 editorial with its apt metaphor, “Still state’s punching bag.”

I urge you to stay on this issue, as well as on the growing number of serious (and sorrowful) cyclist accidents which further reveals our deplorable road conditions and the state’s seeming indifference and delay.

William Amelia

Route 26 and West Avenue traffic light helps

Thank you Mr. Hayward and DelDOT for the light installed Memorial Day weekend.

Anyone trying to make a left turn onto Route 26 knows how difficult a maneuver this is. I’m not talking about the time it requires – I’m talking about safety.

I encourage everyone in the Ocean View area who benefits from this light to inform the editor so we do not lose the safe way to enter Route 26.

Joe Teti
Ocean View