EDITORIAL: It seems that all is well

That silence you can’t hear is coming from Bethany Beach.

With the deadline having come and gone for three open town council seats, the town is preparing once again to hunker down for another election. Only this time around, there won’t be one.

Mayor Jack Walsh, Vice-Mayor Carol Olmstead and Council Member Wayne Fuller will again each serve two-year terms when their current tenures expire in September. The people of Bethany Beach have apparently spoken with their inaction, as nobody filed to run against any of the candidates.

In nearly every other town in this community, we’d argue that the lack of interested candidates to challenge the incumbents is due to a general apathy within the town. However, the number of candidates to apply for the past two openings on council, and the passion that has been shown over the years by both candidates and residents, teaches us that apathy is not the answer in Bethany Beach.

Perhaps a genuine satisfaction by the residents concerning the general direction of the town is the true answer to this case. The momentum to a happy town has been building over the past few years, and the work done by those currently in council, as well as by the employees of the town, towards obtaining federal funding for beach renourishment can not hurt.

Several weeks ago we wrote an editorial about how well the town of Fenwick Island seems to be doing in terms of beach replenishment, aesthetic presentation and healing some wounds between factions in what was formerly a divided town.

Well, this week we are pleased to congratulate the three members of the Bethany Beach Town Council who are retaining their seats, and hope the momentum created over the past few years continues to grow.