EDITORIAL: Let's be the world's hosts

In an often defeatist and cynical world, it’s been said that no one person can change the world. The rationale behind the sentiment is that no matter how altruistic one’s intentions might be, it is impossible to change the perception or beliefs of a planet based on the work of one person.

Well, let’s see how much a community can do in a pinch.

The Senior League Softball World Series kicks off this Sunday in Roxana, and teams representing nearly every corner of the planet will converge on our community — many bringing along their loved ones.

Let’s face facts, the United States is not riding its most impressive wave of international popularity right now. Decisions by policy makers, whether or not you agree with them, have not been received warmly by the planet as a whole, and our population in general is feeling the stings of anti-Americanism.

Well, this is our chance to show what we’re made of, and possibly change a few people’s perceptions, as well.

There is no secret concerning this community’s willingness to pitch in when a time of need arises. We raise money for those who need money, donate time and energy when time and energy are needed and genuinely care about the plight of others. When the skies are most dark, we shine most bright.

Make no mistake about it. This is our chance to do some of our best work yet.

By letting these young women from around the world — and the family members they bring with them — see the giving and selfless attitudes we possess, we will be doing our part to change some of those anti-American attitudes.

Let’s play the proper host to this event, and show off to the world the good that is right here.