EDITORIAL: The drug problem is here

For many living close to the beach, drug arrests are simply those little items in the police wraps in the community newspaper concerning anonymous people doing incomprehensible things.

Oh, every now and then the Governor’s Task Force (GTF) or state police will make an arrest close to home, but those are seen as isolated instances, and problems for other people to worry about. Local police, too, will make drug arrests, but they’re often seen as people from “out of the area” getting pulled over with drugs in their cars.

Ask the people in Frankford about local drug problems, however, and there will be a completely different answer.

In response to a steady (and possibly, growing) drug problem in the town, residents of Frankford held a meeting on Aug. 9 at the fire hall to discuss the problems and how the community can get together and help put an end to it.

Yes, the problem is in our community. And, no, it does not seem to be getting any better.

Residents spoke of a “riot-type” situation a few months back that required the state police to send a helicopter in an attempt to quell the crowd. They also spoke on how nobody would file a complaint when the situation calmed down — a phenomenon often seen in communities where residents are afraid of drug dealers or gangs.

What needs to be lauded in this situation is the effort by several prominent people in the town to put together a plan of action to take back control of their community, as well as the gestures of the GTF and state police by sending officers to the meeting to both gather information and answer questions.

Perhaps bordering towns should take a good look at this situation, and devise their own plans of action.