EDITORIAL: Council did the right thing

Grab hold of something steady. The Coastal Point is about to praise Sussex County Council.

There are compelling arguments on both sides of the fence regarding the expansion requests made by 84 Lumber in Clarksville. Yes, there would be increased truck traffic and an undetermined level of impact on the surrounding properties. And, on the flip side, 84 Lumber has been a good neighbor in contributing to various causes in the community, as well as their significance to the critical building economy in the area. In order to serve their customers, 84 Lumber saw the need to expand their operations.

Regardless of your individual stance on the matter, it is hard to find fault in the manner in which the county council and planning and zonign commission conducted this process.

Like many matters of zoning, the item got bounced back and forth between the two governmental organizations, with each giving their opinions and hearing from both sides of the argument. Finally, on Tuesday, Sussex County Council approved the expansion request by a 4-0 vote.

We are not endorsing this decision, nor are we protesting it. No, what we are supporting is the move by Council Member Dale Dukes to recuse himself from the process since there could be the appearance of a conflict of interest with Dukes owning a lumber business himself. We are also supporting the due process the county gave the sides to present their arguments.

Like the decision or not, the process was done absolutely the correct way in this situation.

We often get on council for their development-first decisions and collective propensity of ignoring potential conflicts of interest among their members.

It’s only fair we acknowledge their efforts this time.