EDITORIAL: Let's learn from tragedy

Hardly any good can come from the havoc wreaked along the Gulf shore by Hurricane Katrina. However, if anything positive does spring forth from this tragedy, let’s hope it’s an added level of vigilance and preparation for others vulnerable to storms. This area is no exception.

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the Delaware Division of Public Health has put together several plans of actions for individuals to take in this area in case we get a direct hit from a storm, including phone numbers to contact with questions. The Coastal Point has published some of their suggestions in this week’s paper, starting on page 84.

Though it is important to know how to pack an emergency kit, what foods will hold and instructions on how to best manage your important documents and things of that nature, perhaps what we can learn best as citizens from the horrors left behind by Katrina is that we should pay attention to emergency broadcasts and follow directions.

Nobody wants to lose their home, but evacuating when called upon to do so is the much wiser move. And, in reality, there’s not a lot a person can do to save their home from a storm of that nature if they do stay behind.

But they can lose a lot more, like their lives.

We’re also hoping our public officials are watching what unfolded down south, particularly in the New Orleans area.

A lack of a plan, as well as a complete absence of leadership from the local, state and federal levels of government, resulted in mass chaos and an unprepared and overmatched populace.

We’ve thus far been spared the wrath of a storm of this magnitude. but so had many other areas taken by surprise. Let’s learn our lesson now.