Rejoice for the good fight

We just love when people fight the good fight.

Agree or disagree with their position, there’s just something we at the Coastal Point admire when a group of individuals band together for a cause. It’s especially satisfying when they get their way.

Take the residents of the Fenwick Island area for instance, and their recent displeasure with a proposal of a billboard to be built on wetland property along Route 54.

This group was upset with both the environmental impact of a billboard in the sensitive wetlands area, as well as the general aesthetic potential of more billboards following suit. Following a time-honored American tradition of “taking on city hall,” the group gathered support, passed a petition and enlisted the help of some influential members of the community.

At the Sept. 19 meeting of the Sussex County Board of Adjustments, the billboard proposal was to be heard. Point reporter M. Patricia Titus estimated 35 residents showed up to the meeting in Georgetown, armed with a petition bearing 205 signatures that formally opposed the application. The individual carrying the petition was Fenwick Island Town Council Member Vicki Carmean. The final signature was that of Sussex County Council Member Vance Phillips.

Included in that 35-member opposition group were Fenwick Island Mayor Peter Frederick and Council Members Martha Keller and Chris Clark.

That’s bringing some pretty heavy hitters into the fray.

When the applicant did not rise to be heard from — he apparently left the meeting before the case came before the board — the board members unanimously voted to deny the request.

And the good fight was won on this day.