EDITORIAL: Perfect time for Millville

It’s been said that the past 50 years in United States history has contained more epic changes than any other time the world has ever seen. We have seen man walk on the moon, civil rights been fought for and legally won, computers change the face of communications and business and had the tag of “Superpower” slapped solely on ourselves.

One could say the same for the past two years in Millville.

The once-sleepy town has arisen with the approvals of several new housing developments, a shiny new office building courtesy of Halpern and talk of a police force to patrol the streets. Enter the business zoning of nearly all of Route 26, the annexation of previously unchartered enclaves and the appearance of a new shopping center, and one can say the face of the town is facing an epic change that will forever alter the make-up of Millville.

Just in time for 2006.

The town will be celebrating 200 years of existence next year, and there is probably no better time to explore the changes and alterations than now, as the changes and alterations are indeed profound.

Millville officials are now discussing methods in which they can influence future building designs along Route 26 to assume an “old town” style, in part to maintain the small-town look and feel of the town, while the nature of the town changes around them. This is a delicate balance, and not one most growing towns have been able to achieve.

Regardless, as the town lays claim to 200 years of incorporation, it is perfect timing for those familiar with the town’s history to take stock in what the town has represented for so long, and to look forward at the new frontiers it is preparing to face.

The times, in Millville, are indeed changing.