EDITORIAL: Look inside before outside

Due to the financial shortfall recently by the Delaware Department of Transportaiton (DelDOT), talk has turned to the state possibly taking real estate transfer tax funds from Sussex County to ease the burden. That, in turn, could lead to the state eventually taking those funds from the municipalities.

Not good.

The development of this community has spurred a general negativity concerning the changing face of our make-up, however, the one undisputable positive coming from the growth has been the influx of those transfer tax fees into town and county coffers. This, of course, results in more services available for the residents and visitors and a lack of a need for the towns and county to drastically increase property taxes.

We know DelDOT is in a tough situation. We are by no means belittling the incredible amount of projects they need to get done throughout the state and the fact that their budget, like everybody else’s, is limited. We also appreciate the fact that they are responsible for improving the majority of the roads in the area, and can understand their desire to secure some of the funding from our county and towns.

That being said, this is not something that should ever happen.

The state already gets funding from this community, and some of that money goes to DelDOT. This comes from state taxes on employees and other means of revenue. Also, if DelDOT does have an operating budget, it is DelDOT’s responsibility to plan projects with respect to that budget.

We’re sorry for the shortfall, but look somewhere else.