Letters November 25 2005

Dagsboro candidates are addressing needs

As new residents of Dagsboro, we would hate to see this beautiful, historical town go the way of just another congested area. We ran from a little town in Pennsylvania where we lived for 25 years, when we no longer felt safe walking or riding our bikes to the local stores.

We saw homes vandalized by people who did not care about preserving our small-town community. Our local police were overburdened by traffic control and criminal acts. We went through a lot of real estate before deciding on the town of Dagsboro as being the perfect spot in the world for us. We would hate to see that dream destroyed again. We know for a fact that it can happen.

The new candidates running for town council are addressing some of our concerns and we are thrilled that these residents are taking a stand and demanding accountability for actions taken supposedly on our behalf. These folks sound like they are as concerned as we are, and they will be getting our vote to keep our dream alive.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Zsido

Resident offers food for thought in Fenwick
Editor’s note: The following letter was addressed to the Fenwick Island Town Council, to be read at its next meeting, and forwarded to the Coastal Point for publication.

Items that the council should be working on:

• Trash collection trucks:

I know in the past that the council has written to the trash collection companies about early collection in the town. This seems to work for a while. However the trucks are now in the town between 6 a.m. and 6:30 a.m., disturbing the quiet of the residents. My main point is that they dumped Captain Pete’s Dumpsters this morning at 6:09 (Thursday). Captain’s Pete’s trash Dumpster is right under my bedroom window.

It seems that the council is able to pass ordinances on almost everything, including pile driving. Why can’t the council pass an ordinance to stop this?

• Post office for Fenwick Island:

We should have our own post office for many reasons.

1. We are a retirement community with many elderly citizens. By not having a post office in town it creates a hardship on them to have to travel to Selbyville to obtain postal services.

2. UPS and FedEx have made our ZIP code, 19944, a rural zip code. This means that all cartons will have a surcharge of $2.24 each on delivery in Fenwick Island. I am sure that not having a first class post office in town had something to do with this as that Ocean City, Md., and Bethany Beach were not classified as rural ZIP code.

• Local calling area:

We should keep up pressure on Verizon to make the Delaware 539 and 537 numbers local calling areas (no charge) with Ocean City 289, 524 and 250 numbers. Again, there are many reasons for this. It can be done. As an example look at Selbyville and Bishopville, Md.; they are a local calling area. There are several more examples along the Delaware and Maryland borders.

1. This should be coordinated with Ocean City Maryland Council as they may be able to bring more pressure on Verizon then we could by ourselves.

2. This would be a big help and money saver to the residences as Ocean City is the major shopping area for Lower Sussex County.

3. It would also help all the local business in both Ocean City and Fenwick Island.

J.B. “Jack” Childers
Fenwick Island

AAUW thanks area for support with gala

Equity for women is the goal of our organization, the American Association of University Women.

On Nov. 4, we hosted a successful Education Scholarship Gala as a result of support and donations from the following: our sponsor for the evening, Mercantile Peninsula Bank; DiFebo’s Restaurant of Bethany Beach; Coastal Winds Ensemble; Beauty at the Beach; Carlton’s; Chardon Ltd. Jewelry and Gifts; Country Wicker; Cullen’s Apparel; Design Studio; Dragonfly Design Inc.; Faraway Places; La Dolce Vita; Lavender Fields; Marsha’s; and Twila Farrell. There were also many personal donations.

Your generosity has helped us put one more crack in the glass ceilings.

Florence Devlin, publicist
American Association of University Women

Candidates want town residents to be heard

Town meeting after town meeting, we sit for hours on cold, steel chairs and witness five of our neighbors strangle the life out of our town of Dagsboro. They propose projects for land use and supposedly it is up to the townspeople to be for or against such projects. But those in attendance, who stand up to protest this use of the land have time restraints imposed on them.

We thought that if you attend a town meeting, you would be given the opportunity to voice your opinion. That way the town council would have a clear picture of what their neighbors’ vision was for their community and they would be able to vote accordingly.

Three of your neighbors have gotten together and decided it is time to listen to all our neighbors in Dagsboro, whose history as a friendly, “small town” community that is safe and provides a wholesome environment for raising a family can be more than a memory.

We have sat right next to you in those town meetings and witnessed our town council tell us to write in our objections to certain projects by a certain time and then those objections are read into the minutes and then the town council votes to approve the projects any way.

By just our mere presence at these town meetings, we were able to knock out 83 of those proposed homes in the General’s Green project. What do you think could have been accomplished if someone on the council had actually taken into account what the people in Dagsboro really want?

We are running for town council seats in our next election: Dec. 3 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Dagsboro Fire Hall. It will take your vote for all three of us to get your voices heard on any upcoming projects and to make certain that the projects on the table remain loyal to your vision for our town.

We know that you realize growth is inevitable, but we hear you want “smart” growth for our town that means being consistent with Dagsboro’s heritage of single-family homes. We hear you want less density not high density. We hear you are concerned with the infrastructure (availability of water and sewer) and traffic congestion. We hear you want more parks and playgrounds for our children so we do not have to take our children to Frankford in order to play on a public playground or ball field.

Our latest fiasco is the water situation where our very own neighbors, Mayor Brad Connor and the rest of the town council, withheld an announcement from us at the town meeting about the contamination of our drinking water.

This announcement would have gone a long way to assure the people of Dagsboro that these neighbors were looking out for us as elected guardians and good neighbors. What happened Town Council, were you too immersed in a sea of brick and mortar to give your neighbors a “heads up” on the possible dangers pouring into our own homes?

We know our neighbors have many concerns about our town and we plan to listen. We are property owners and permanent residents of Dagsboro who have no motive to capitalize on land values, but instead want to promote a vision of the town that respects its history. We would appreciate your support on Dec. 3.

Cathy Flowers, Patti Adams and Wayne Baker

Penny Party a hit, thanks to community

The Ladies Auxiliary of the Millville Volunteer Fire Company would like to thank the following merchants who so generously donated to our recent Penny Party:

All Out Sports, Armand’s Chicago Pizza, Bear Trap Dunes, Bethany Auto Parts, Bethany Bay Gold, Beauty at the Beach, Beach Liquors, Bethany Florist, Calico Tree, Calvin Taylor Bank, Candy Kitchen, Casapulla’s, Creative Concepts, Cripple Creek Golf Club, County Bank, Coastal Library, Country Wicker, Curves, Custom Mechanical, Delaware National Bank, Ellen Rice Gallery, Fat Tuna, First Shore Federal Bank, Fish Tails, Fisher’s Popcorn, Five Guy’s, Forget-Me-Not, Food Lion, Frog House, Good Earth, Hair Snippery, Happy Harry’s, Dr. Hattier, Hickman’s Liquors, Hocker’s, Holt’s Liquors, Homework’s, K-Mart (Rehoboth), Kim’s Interiors, Kool Bean, La Mirage, Lord’s Landscaping, Massage Therapy, Mercantile Peninsula Bank, Miller’s Creek, Murray’s Bait and Tackle, Ocean View Deli, Papa John’s, Parts Plus, Robert’s Repair, Salt Pond Golf, Sea Crest, Sea Dogs, Sea Needles, Shorty’s, Sweet Treats, Tansey-Warner, Treasure Quest, Tulip Ltd., Venus Nails, Wawa, Wild About Birds.

Thank you for helping to make our Penny Party a success.

MVFC Penny Party Committee
Ladies Auxiliary