Letters - December 30, 2005

One wish for the new year from reader

One wish I have for the new year is to see an end to the clear-cutting of the remaining forests in Sussex County.

One of the best ways to minimize loss of animal habitat and preserve the beauty of the county is to put an end to the bulldozing of our dwindling forest resources, which are rapidly being replaced by massive housing developments. Sub-division of forested land should be limited to large parcels with about a 10-acre minimum size, with the intention to preserve as much of the land as possible in its natural state.

Plenty of high-end buyers are being attracted to Sussex County, as witnessed by the success of The Peninsula resort. So it should not be difficult for builders to sell 10-acre forested parcels.

An example of this type of resource conservation can be seen along Hollymount Road, between Route 24 and Beaver Dam Road near Angola. Driving along Hollymount, it seems that one side of the road is still natural forest, until one notices the driveways going into the woods every few hundred feet.

Further, if the county is unable or unwilling to preserve the forests, officials should at least provide some kind of animal relocation program. Otherwise the deer, foxes and raccoons will continue to wander onto highways and back yards, and birds will migrate elsewhere.

I realize that some hunting is necessary to thin herds for winter survival, but if you don’t believe that animals know they are being decimated, or don’t believe they have spirits, I would suggest two excellent books I have just read. One is called “Animals and the Afterlife,” by Kim Sheridan, and the other is a biblically-based book called “There is Eternal Life for Animals,” by Niki Shanahan. You will never feel the same about animals and protecting our environment again.

Frank M. Rega

Legion combines with others to help kids

We the American Legion Post #24 Dagsboro joined with Cool 101.3 to make sure the Kids of Delmarva in Sussex County have a great Christmas.

I would personally like to thank the American Legion, Sons of the American Legion and the American Legion Riders who helped to make this possible with their money donations so we could help two families. Also along with all the donations that came from Cool 101.3, Legion members and the community to help make this possible. We had 80 children that will have a great Christmas thanks to all of you.

A special thanks to Kim Baker from Cool 101.3 radio station who made all of this possible with her special help and dedication to this project.

I want to also thank my wife, Dianne Daniels, and Mary Placente for shopping for the two families from our local schools. I would also like to thank everyone who helped to wrap the gifts that were at the Legion.

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Dennis C. Daniels Sr.
Commander, Post #24 Dagsboro