EDITORIAL: Point turns 100 ... well, kind of

Dear readers,

We not only close out 2005 with this edition of the Coastal Point, we also celebrate our 100th issue. This is an important milestone for us.

It has been our honor to serve this community for these first 100 issues, and it is a privilege for us to continue to do so in the years ahead. This project has been a labor of love since The Point’s inception, and it continues to be so today.

The very pulse of a newspaper beats due to a combination of elements. A motivated and talented staff works hard to bring the paper to the streets every week, but it would be of little consequence if not for dedicated readers and loyal advertisers.

We can’t begin to thank all of you for the support we’ve received thus far, and we strive to continue to bring you a product that is informing, educating and entertaining. In fact, we only look to improve in 2006 and hope you enjoy some of the changes you’ll see in the coming months.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t personally thank Shaun Lambert, Sam Harvey, Carolyn Fitz, Ruslana Lambert, Patricia Titus, John Denny, Susan Argo, Bob Bertram, Monica Fleming, Jane Johnson, Heather Wiles, Beth Long, Anne Schenck, Maureen Duffy, Erin Quatrocelli, Christina Weaver, Ernie Turpin and Garret Layton for all their hard work in creating and building the Coastal Point over the first 100 issues.

We’d also like to thank Stewart Dobson, publisher of Ocean City Today, for his partnership, support and friendship over the first 100 issues, and our friends at the Dover Post, who have done such a great job printing our paper every week

There are so many others we’d like to thank, but just don’t have the space — and we’d be mortified to leave someone important out who deserves a nod. However, special thanks must go to Andy Lyons and Jamie Price for their patience, support and understanding over the course of this exciting time in our lives.

Thank you all for the success of our first 100 issues, and we promise to reward all of you with a product that constantly strives to improve.

— Susan Lyons and Darin McCann