A day for all to truly embrace

Most of the nation celebrates the life and contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday, and it is a day none of us should stand by and let pass without at least thinking of the man’s efforts.

While some other leaders of that time preached violence or social upheaval in response to the frustrating and intolerable injustices black people endured, King spoke not only on achieving tolerance and racial equity, but also on embracing each other and social acceptance.

We have come a long way in terms of racial equality, but we are still nowhere close to a time of acceptance and brotherhood amongst us all. We are still often divided by socio-economics, race, political affiliations, gender and nation of birth — not to mention sexual orientation or religious beliefs. The laws now protect people from most discrimination, but we are still a split nation.

It is progress, but not along the lines Dr. King so famously dreamt.

Take time on Monday to think of a time of both acceptance and embrace, as well as the man who gave his time, energy and, ultimately, his life to get the discussion on these issues into the public conversation.

Another important day arrives this week. Today, Friday, Jan. 13, is the deadline for those interested in running for the Frankford Town Council.

Town council elections are always an interesting thing for those of us in newspapers. When things are going well, and the public is satisfied with the general direction the town is heading, there is often no election at all. Party politics often take a back seat to public good as people are happy with the status quo.

On the flip side, controversial decisions and bickering amongst town officials often leads to great change in town leadership.

So here we sit again, with another town’s leadership up for grabs. Once again, we encourage those who would like to see change or be part of the process in keeping the town going in the current direction to take part in the election. It is the purest of democratic processes this land has to offer.