The competition--boys

Caesar Rodney Riders
2005 record: 17-4, lost first-round state tournament game to McKean
Key losses: Lost majority of varsity team. A number of players were three- and four-year starters.
Returning players: Eight of 20 are underclassmen, who could figure on prominent playing time as the season progresses. Senior Matt Rigby (1B-C) and junior Eddie Stratton (SS/OF) are the only remaining starters.

Polytech Panthers
2005 record: 16-4
Key losses: Shaun Hariston (OF), Nick Dean (UT), Jason Wyatt (P), Frankie Alton
Returning players: Seven of nine starters are gone, so several underclassmen could start. Polytech’s JV team went 16-2, with senior Casey Wheeler (P), senior Brooks Ogden (CF), junior Kyle McGuire (P) and junior Kevin Fowler (SS).

Cape Henlopen Vikings
2005 record: 16-4, beat Concord and McKean in last year’s state tournament, lost to Dickinson
Key losses: Steve Peet (IF) and Ray Jackson (CF) (Delaware State University)
Returning players: Senior Tyler Townsend, senior Billy Cunningham (2B), senior Sean Tappan (P/OF), senior Jimmy Gill (P/1B/OF) and senior Brian Stewart (OF/P)

Indian River Indians
2005 record: 15-6
Key losses: D.J. Clark (C), Cody Jensen (P/OF), Jerry Meiklejohn (OF), Matt Lewis (1B), Eric Givans (P)
Returning players: senior Bryan Lynch (C), senior Colin Warner (P), senior Josh Dean (SS), senior Matt Williamson (CF), junior Thomas Veith, sophomore Trevor Abbott (P/RF), sophomore Nik Kmetz (P/C)
New players: Junior Mike Casale (1B/P), junior Zach Warner (OF), junior Josh Sweetman (OF) and freshman Luis Barrientos (3B)

Seaford Blue Jays
2005 record: 12-9
Key losses: B.J. Jenkins (CF) (Atlanta Clarke University), Jude McGarvey (2B), Kyle Hearn (1B) and Danny Hamilton (LF)
Returning players: senior Ryan Hasting (C), senior Matt Daudt (P), junior Paul Widerman (C), sophomore Derrick Gibson (SS), sophomore Tyler Ruark (RF)
New players: freshman Seth Hastings (RF)

Woodbridge Raiders
2005 record: 11-9
Key losses: Chuck Jefferson, Blake Little, Richard Idler, Phillip Warner
Returning players: senior Justin Bailey (1B/P), senior Matt Bowman (OF), senior Blake Field (3B/1B), senior Ryan Messick (SS/P), senior John Rutknowski (OF/P), sophomore Derek Nennstiehl (SS/P)
New players: senior Wagner Matos (OF), junior Corey Richards (C/OF), junior Anthony Gamba (IF), junior Nick Humphreys (2B), junior Doug Hastings (2B), sophomore Greg Wheatley (2B and sophomore Dustin Richards (C/2B)

Lake Forest Spartans
2005 record: 10-10
Key losses: Shane Mitchell (1B (Wesley University)
Returning players: 12 returning seniors in cluding senior David Fague (P), senior Erin Collins (C), senior Andrew Layton (P), senior James Overstreet (SS), senior Donald Williams (OF and sophomore Brad Davis (P/3B)

Dover Senators
2005 record: 8-12
Key losses: Jajuan Sylthe (football injury, Will Wright (C and Steven Carter (P/UT)
Returning players: senior Dominic Gatto (P), senior Andrew Esslinger (P/1B), senior Tyler Burns (DH), junior James Zatlokovicz (C), junior Joe Dianna, junior Joe Simmons and sophomore Bryan Esslinger (CF)

Sussex Central Golden Knights
2005 record: 7-13
Key losses: N/A
Returning players: senior Scotty Aiken (IF), senior Martez Haggans (OF), junior Brad Hilovsky (UT)
New Players: sophomore Josh Lee (P, 2nd or 3rd), freshman D.J. Long (IF) and freshman Matt Eskridge (C/P/CIF)

Milford Eagles
2005 record: 6-12
Key losses: Danny Green (OF), Nick Creasy (OF/P and David Gorn (1B/P)
Returning players: senior Matt Starkey (P/SS), senior Jordan Hastings (C), senior Shane Clarkeson (2B) and senior Randall Shovel (OF), junior Jeb Bell (1B), junior Neal Fisher (3B), sophomore Brandon Kline (SS/UT), sophomore Cody Killen (OF)

Sussex Tech Ravens
2005 record: 7-13
Key losses: Jay Marsh (3B and Adison Maw (SS)
Returning players: senior Zac Spece (P/SS/2B/OF), senior Rick Adkins (OF), senior Mike Small (C/IF) and senior Amos Scott (SS)

Delmar Wildcats
2005 record: 5-11-1
Key losses: Brian Green (3B (Del Tech)
Returning players: senior Blair Kerrey (P) and junior Kevin Johnson (P)

Laurel Bulldogs
2005 record: 6-13
Key losses: Kyle Boyce (P/IF and Marcus Bounds (LF)
Returning players: senior Matt Dobson (P/SS), senior Jeff Taylor (OF), senior Dontez Horsey (OF), junior Taylor Jones (IF/P), junior Trent Passwaters (IB), junior Antwon Trimball (CF), junior Ethan Calloza (C), sophomore Lance Kelly (2B and sophomore David Bartee (P/3B)

Smyrna Eagles
2005 record: 5-14
Key losses: Pat Campbell (OF/DH)
Returning players: senior Jake Emerson (SS/CF/P), sophomore Andrew Fortner (1B/P), sophomore Ryan Meeks (IF/P and sophomore Justin Collinson (IF/P)