EDITORIAL: New season, new faces in area

As March leaves us through the back door, April comes sauntering in through the front — armed with a bouquet of flowers and a smile of optimism.

Such is the case every year, as April drums up the momentum to another busy season, bringing along a wave of fresh-faced visitors and residents who migrated south over the winter. This might not be the mad-cap days of summer, but it is the season’s unveiling to many who have not watched changes take place over the past few months.

The trek up and down Route 26 each year is always full of new sights and sounds, and this year will be no different — as evidenced by an enormous shopping center in Millville and a string of new businesses dotting the landscape of the road. What will be a unique experience this year, however, is the altered face of Fenwick Island.

The polka dots of the former Libby’s restaurant are not the only things missing on that site, as the building itself is now razed to the ground to make way for future building. The former Texaco station across the street from the Fenwick Island Town Hall? Also knocked to the ground — the first step in building a commercial spot that will house a new Subway sandwich and TCBY yogurt shop. This building is expected to be up and running by the summer season.

With all due apologies to Bob Dylan, the times, they are a’changing.

In addition to those major aesthetic and practical alterations, the town’s beautification efforts have had another year to take root, and we expect even more improvement on the cosmetic face of the town.

Many of us use a lot of energy to bemoan the changes to our scenic community, and with good reason — we like it here, and people in general do not embrace change. But the progress and new sights do create some excitement for the vacationers who come here every year and, for the most part, only add to the experience of this community.

Bring it on, April. We have lots of new stuff to show off to the world.