Dougherty goes double low on 18th

Cripple Creek resident Doc Dougherty retired two years ago and now plays regularly at his local course, but even he can tell you that some shots are tough to duplicate.

Two weeks ago, he scored his first-ever double-eagle on Cripple Creek’s 18th hole, to conclude a competitive round with a group of friends.

He positioned himself nicely following a 295-yard tee-shot for an approach shot with his 3-wood. Dougherty admitted he was just trying to hit the ball onto the green when low-and-behold, his second shot plunked down into the bottom of the jar.

“This is a one in a million thing,” Dougherty said. “Some people play an entire lifetime and never make that shot.”

Dougherty has never scored a hole-in-one but did play with a guy who did — once — so this marked a special moment in his golfing career.

“Since then, it’s taken me two more times to par the hole,” he said of the 18th at Cripple Creek.

Dougherty averages 88 strokes per round with a 14-handicap, but on that day he trimmed his score a few strokes to 85.

“It’s not an easy hole but it’s a good finishing hole at our course,” Dougherty said. “It was very picturesque.”