Letters - June 2, 2006

Businesses chip in to help baseball boosters

On behalf of the Indian River Baseball Boosters, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the local business for their generosity towards our 11th annual Penny Party. Without the support of the local merchants our event would not have been successful.

We would like to thank everyone that attended the party for taking time out of their busy schedules to support the team. A good time was had by all.

The money earned from the fundraiser will be used to benefit the Indian River baseball team.

Listed below are the business that so kindly donated: A New Face In Town, Bad Hair Day, Bethany Auto, Bethany Cycle, Body Double, Cottage Cafe, Dagsboro Paint, Fenwick Floaters, Fenwick Hardware, Fisher’s Popcorn, G&E Hardware, Good Earth Market, Grotto’s, Hocker’s Superthift, Hair Designs By Iris, Ken’s Bayside, Ligthouse Landing, Millsboro Wawa, Michael Mccarthy Stones Inc., Mike’s Carpet, Miller’s Creek Antiques, Ocean View Deli, Pam Webb, Paulette Brochet, Payless Furniture, Potter Place, Rt. 26 Antiques, Sea Needles, Seashell City, Selbyvllle Pet And Garden, Teresa Shockley, The Spinning Wheel.

Thanks again.

Mike Casale, President
IR Baseball Boosters

AARP charity golf tournament a big hit

On May 18, 2006 the South Coastal Chapter DE AARP hosted a charity golf tournament.

Our chapter would like to thank all golfers, sponsors, and individual donors that made our golf tournament a success. Our goal this year was to raise funds for Delaware Hospice.

Many thanks to Bethany Grotto Pizza and Bethany Bay Golf Club for all their help and support. We couldn’t have done it without them.

We had many generous sponsors we wish to thank and acknowledge. They are The UPS Store, #4681, Treasure Island Fashions, Millsboro Bowling Lanes, Connors Liquors, Kim Hook Remax, Jim’s Hide-a-way, Dave’s Custom Silk Screening, Delaware National Bank, Country Side Cafe, Hileman Limousine Service, Hileman Dry Wall, Vickie York Realtor, Shirley Price Realtor, Ocean View Family Restaurant, Heavenly Hound, Denise Beam State Farm and Sen. George Bunting.

Individual donors include Tommie Anderson, Lew Beaver, Georgie Calabrese, Marge Calabrese, Bob Chin, Dottie Rieck, Lee Shoff and Rose Snider.

Many thanks for your generosity.

Tom Reis, Chapter President
South Coastal Chapter DE AARP

What’s next, people marrying pets?

It’s with urgency that I write to my fellow Americans to show our senators where the majority of constituents stand on the “Marriage Protection Amendment” issue, which is expected to vote in early June.

For centuries now, in every civilized culture, marriage as the union of one man and one woman has been the building block of society. But it may be not true in America for long... unless Congress approves the Marriage Protection Amendment.

Amendment opponents have asked, “How does one couple’s gay marriage threaten anyone’s heterosexual marriage?” This question missed the point: The goal of gay activists isn’t the individual relationship of any two people; it is the revision of national policy to say that gender, especially in child-rearing, is inconsequential.

Without the MPA, there’s nothing to prevent activist judges… like those on the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, which legalized gay marriage a few years ago, from creating not only gay marriage, but legalizing polygamy and even marriage between people and their pets.

Think of the MPA as a shield between our traditional values and radical judges’ intent on forcing their politically correct agenda on our nation. Without that shield, it’s only a matter of time until marriage loses all meaning. Social science data indicate children will suffer the most when that happens.

Efforts to pass such an amendment stalled in Congress two years ago, but we have another chance before senators vote in early June to convince them to do the right thing this time around. Let us unite as one voice to help our senators see beyond the liberal spin and demand they vote the will of their constituents.

Lidia Smith

AARP Trivial Pursuit a success

On May 16, the South Coastal Chapter of the AARP held a Trivial Pursuit game during the chapter’s monthly meeting. Questions covered trivia from the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s. Over 150 people attended. The event was a tremendous success. Due to the generosity of local businesses, the chapter was able to award prizes to the first, second and third winning tables. We would like to express our gratitude to our sponsors: Bethany Blues, Big Fish Grill, Blockbuster, Cool Bean, Grottos Pizza, Happy Harry’s, McCabe’s, Royal Zephyr, Super Giant.

If you are a member of AARP or are over 50, please consider joining our chapter. You will benefit from a wide range of activities including informative monthly programs September through June, trips, an active bowling league, a chorus and many community service projects.

Test your skill and try answering one of our Trivial Pursuit questions:

“The Rat Pack, active between the mid 1950s and the mid 1960s consisted mostly of male entertainers including Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. The group did have at least one female member. Name the female entertainer considered “One of the Boys.”

Check the end of this letter for the answer.

(Trivial Pursuit answer: Shirley MacLaine)

John Rubinsohn, Larry Christman
Committee Members

South Bethany official thankful for support

To South Bethany voters: I appreciate your continuing support at our May 27 election. Thank you very much.

Councilwoman Marge Gassinger
South Bethany

Reader reacts to past letter in Point

I am responding to Mr. Cleary’s letter published under “Reader: President needs to take drastic steps” in the May 19 Coastal Point.

Mr. Cleary’s frivolous speech is a lame attempt to impose a leftist lean to President Bush’s presidency. I do have to admit that the Presidents poll numbers are low; however, Mr. Cleary’s suggested speech would be catastrophic to the administration. But here is a suggestion for a speech that would surely improve his poll numbers:

“My fellow Americans I am aware that many of you partisans of the left would like to see me make radical changes in administration personnel. A few in my own party would agree. However, it is not going to happen.

“Many of those same partisans are detractors of our actions in Iraq even though they were originally supporters of it. Unfortunately they have reversed their position for purely political reasons. Their amnesia on this is shameful!

“They have continued a barrage of accusations insinuating that we lied to them and to you concerning Iraq. This is an unadulterated fabrication made up for the same political reasons.

“Would we do it the same way if we could do it over? Of course not! Contrary to popular leftist thinking we are not stupid. We have enemies in this world and we have taken the bold action necessary to show our resolve. We will continue with it to an honorable conclusion.

“Our actions in both Afghanistan and Iraq were retaliatory. Period! Unlike the previous administration I care little about a legacy and more about performing my duty as your President and Commander in Chief. I will continue my efforts to do just that.

“Many are concerned about a rift with some of our old and long term allies. I am one of those. But I am more concerned with the short memories of those so called allies and the insulting way some have recently treated us. We have rescued some of them in two World Wars but cannot rely on them for support when we are attacked.

“I will expend little energy in an attempt to repair this rift but we as Americans will undoubtedly respond to their next plea for help.

“I will now address a number of domestic issues.

“First is the economy. Contrary to what the media says it is robust thanks to my tax cuts which have in fact raised more tax income since they were passed. Income that will reduce our national debt which is a concern to all of us except congress.

“Second is the price of gasoline. It has reached record levels for a number of reasons. Some of those reasons are: gasoline production has been reduced by last season’s hurricanes, we have not built a new refinery in almost 25 years and many of us refuse to abandon our very large gas guzzling automobiles. The price of a barrel of oil has also gone up and we expect it to go higher because of China and India’s growing demand.

“Can we help ourselves with this dilemma? Yes we can! We could voluntarily conserve whenever possible. But I do not see that happening. What can we do? We can, hopefully, build new refineries, expand the use of ethanol and increase experimentation on alternate sources of energy.

“Unfortunately, we knew that dependence on oil would cause problems for decades and through many administrations. We will now have to address the problem and we will.

“Third is the New Orleans situation. We all agree it was more than a natural disaster and there are many to blame for those governmental failures. I will and have accepted my share of the burden. But let’s be honest for a change and place most of the blame where it belongs and that’s in Louisiana.

“Also, we have made what I consider some hasty rebuilding promises after the hurricane. I will revisit those promises because it is foolish to rebuild in areas that are below sea level and in a notorious hurricane lane.

“Fourth is corruption. I will not tolerate corruption in my administration. I believe that all corrupt public servants should be punished to the full extent of the law and I will give my support to any and all investigations of such corruption. However, corruption in government is not new. I am telling you that because you would never know it from listening to the leftist media.

“I leave it to history to judge my legacy. Hopefully sometime in the future we will have a less biased media where reporting is based on facts and not the media’s agenda.

“In closing I invite you to purchase a newspaper and watch the TV news tomorrow to see what a perverted, twisted and distorted commentary will be presented on my comments this evening.

Good night and God bless America.”

Thomas M. Keeley III
Ocean View