Roth deserves this county job

Say what you wil about Sussex County Council — and we’ve said a lot in this space —, there is no disputing that the administrative side of the county has run as smooth as it does anywhere. Credit Sussex County Administrator Bob Stickels and his staff for that efficiency.

However, Stickles is soon retiring his spot after 18 years, and names of a possible successor are now popping up on the horizon. One of those names, Ocean View Town Manager Kathy Roth, is most intriguing.

Before taking over the administrative duties in Ocean View, Roth worked as the finance director of Bethany Beach and as a certified public accountant before that. She knows how to handle budgets and finances — two hugely important talents when considering the job responsibilities of the county.

Roth has also earned invaluable experience in Ocean View. No, it is not a huge town, but it is a town that exemplifies much of what is seen throughout the county — rapid growth, an influx of residents from out-of-area and infrastructure concerns and improvements.

Roth has had to deal with budgetary questions, administrative puzzles and some very strong personalities. She has handled all with efficiency, grace and professionalism.

In a nutshell, she’s a person we could see filling the shoes of Stickels quite admirably.

The selfish side of us does not want to see Roth leave Ocean View. But the practical side in us tells us that it is an opportunity — both for Roth personally, and for the eastern side of Sussex County to have another influential voice in Georgetown.

There are four candidates vying for the position, and all seem to have their own strengths. But Roth is the one we can really rally around.

On the topic of Sussex County government, there will be a public hearing at the county offices on Tuesday, June 20 at 10:15 a.m.

This is the opportunity for residents to come hear about the $140 million 2007 fiscal-year budget and make their thoughts known. After this hearing, it will go on to vote. This is the last opportunity to hear and see the plans before they’re adopted.