One soon here, the other set

This year’s election season might seem to be pretty quiet in comparision to years past, but competition for seats in local municipalities is going strong and heavy. Bethany Beach Town Council will hold its election on Saturday, Sept. 9, and debate has already been raging over this one.

Well, with that debate, comes letters to the editor, so we feel it is necessary to go over the Coastal Point’s polices on election letters.

First, we full-heartedly endorse citizens writing letters in support of their candidates. However, we will not run letters that attack — or, could even hint of an attack — on one or more of the candidates. It is your right to speak your mind, but it is also our right to decide to only allow a platform for clean elections in our pages.

Second, we will not run obvious form letters, or take stacks of letters supporting candidates from one individual. We promise not to use the towns or citizens to further any invisibile agendas for our paper, and we ask that you not use us in the same vein.

Lastly, we will not run any letters whatsoever the week before voting. We realize that is when most letter writers wish their opinions to come out, but we hope you realize that running a letter between our publication date and an election does not allow anybody ample time to defend or support something that was run. Like all our elections, the Coastal Point will run Q&As with the candidates before the election — thus giving them all the last word.

We worked hard on putting together a policy that we felt was fair and clean, and we hope you can understand the rationale behind our decisions.

In Fenwick Island, a recent election brought in new faces to the town’s leadership, and created a shake-up of the town council’s hierarchy. When the dust settled, Audrey Serio took on the mantle of mayor and council president for Fenwick Island.

Add to the equation the formation of a town manager position in the town, and one has to feel good about the direction of the town for the foreseeable future.

Serio is a strong-minded person who knows what she wants, and will be clear and concise to the council and town manager. Former Mayor Peter Frederick led the town following some tough times, and the town is now in better shape. Our guess is Serio will continue the momentum.