Letters - November 24, 2006

Hearn and Truitt can lead Dagsboro

Citizens of Dagsboro, it’s that time again, to cast our vote for two new candidates for Town Council. The date is Saturday, Dec. 2, 2006, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Dagsboro Fire Hall.

Kurt Czapp and Andy Enghe have decided not to run for another term. We wish them well and thank them for their service and dedication to our town. There are new issues and some that are not so new to us still facing our town, and we must make the effort to get out and vote for those individuals who best represent our vision for our town of Dagsboro

We can’t give power to individuals whose only concern is a particular issue that benefits only a small amount of residents in our town and have no regard for the other issues facing Dagsboro in this unstable economy. We need to put together a well-informed council that has a real interest in the way our town continues to develop.

We have seen the upheaval of other town councils in our neighboring communities. We need representatives willing to give their time and effort to maintain our small town community.

Our borders are becoming laced with developers wanting to create their idea of what our town’s future should be. These decisions belong to us. We want representatives who are long-time neighbors and lifetime residents, those that are truly invested in the success of Dagsboro, familiar faces at our town meetings, who come every month and are not afraid to voice an opinion if they see the town heading in a direction that is not in our best interests.

We need those kinds of people looking out for us. Terry Hearn and Norwood Truitt have decidedto come before you and ask for your support to fill the two vacant seats on our town council.

These two gentlemen have been your voice on the Planning and Zoning board. They have held the developers to strict standards and made sure that “smart growth” and proper infrastructure (water and sewer) are in place before any construction starts and, when it does start, that these giants do not inconvenience the residents of Dagsboro during their building phases.

They have prevented unsuitable building practices from becoming a reality, worked tirelessly with the state of Delaware government bodies and service organizations in our town (Fire Department, Police Department, etc.) to prevent unnecessary burdens on these organizations in order to keep our town safe.

These are the candidates I would like to see representing us — people who have a personal investment in the success of our town, people who are long-time residents, lifetime residents, good neighbors, our neighbors, Terry Hearn and Norwood Truitt.

James and Loretta Zsido

It’s up to all of us to invest in schools

Impact fees on developments and/or annual county wide property appraisals are logical directions for the needed financial support of our public schools. We all have and continue to benefit from the public education system.

It is the responsibility of each and every tax payer to contribute to the common good of our society. It is the responsibility of each succeeding generation to help pay these investments as it was done for you and me some 40 to 60 years ago. My mother’s five children collectively received several hundred thousands of dollars for their education from the public tax funds. How much did you receive in public tax funds for your education?

The Indian River School District Board of Education did not ask for sufficient funding with the last referendum. Why did they not ask for their real financial needs?

It was due to the fear of being rejected by the voters. It was a fear of overburdening the taxpayers with additional taxes and in particular for many families living on the edge financially. It was for political agendas. It was a lack of trust in the citizens of our school district to understand the real needs of our schools.

Each individual school has become dependent on the small number of activist volunteers to raise additional funds to keep important programs alive. How much was raised last year by this small number of activist volunteers throughout our district? It was, in round figures, $850,000.

Have you seen these committed, if not obsessive/determined, neighbors going to meeting after meeting to organize one fundraiser after another? Have you opened your door to the world of “Junior Door to Door Sales Associates”? How much have you paid out to all of these fundraisers in a year? Is this an efficient means to raise money for our schools? Absolutely no.

This annual fundraising in IRSD amounts to just under $30 per property owner if we had raised it through our school tax rate or by impact fees or by annual county-wide property appraisals. We all save money, time and energy for ourselves or to feed and provide shelter for the poor.

Get to work, Mr. Phillips, Mr. Dukes, Mr. Cole and Mr. Bunting.

Lloyd E. Elling
Ocean View

VFW joining in Statue of Liberty celebration

Kekarelani Schroeder, president of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of Delaware Ladies Auxiliary will be traveling to New York with many members to celebrate the Statue of Liberty’s 120th birthday.

Members of the auxiliary are proud to be carrying the American flag and department banner that signals the start of the patriotic festivities. The national organization will present a gift towards preservation of the monument, the grounds on Liberty Island or other things that may be needed.

We hope that many members and friends will try to attend the Statue of Liberty birthday.

Gloria W. Gem, Publicity Chairman
Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of Delaware Ladies Auxiliary

Lioness club thankful for help of fire company

The Lord Baltimore Lioness Club would like to express their thanks to the businesses, the Millville Fire Company, and all the firemen that were there the evening of Monday, Nov. 13, and all persons that bought tickets and the Lionesses that helped, for making our basket bingo a success. We are grateful for all of the generosity of the persons that support Lord Baltimore Lioness Club.

Thank you again.

Lord Baltimore Lioness Club