Letters - December 8, 2006

Growth is causing slate of problems for reader

I would like to express my concern for the unmanaged growth which is coming to Piney Neck Road in Dagsboro.

The Sussex County Planning and Zoning Commission met last night on yet another subdivision to bring another development to Piney Neck Road. This road already has two large subdivisions which have been approved, but have not yet broken ground. This road can not handle this growth and this development needs to be stopped.

The latest property is adjacent to land owned by the Sussex County Land Trust. This land is set aside for preservation and public use. They were able to obtain the land from the county because it was not suitable for spray irrigation of treated septic due to its location along Pepper Creek.

This development also borders the creek and in my opinion should fall in the same category. However, we were told last night at the planning and zoning meeting that this area is able to be used for spray irrigation.

My question is: If the county can’t spray near the water, then why would we allow developers to do it? This is an environmentally sensitive area which is already polluted. It has had fish kills in the past and also the recent discovery of brown marsh. This area needs to be protected.

This development is going to destroy trees, wildlife habitat, and increase pollution to Pepper Creek due to 25 percent of the development being impervious. This means that water will not soak into the land in these areas, which will increase runoff, pollution and possible flood neighboring properties.

There are also plans for a boat ramp in the development. This ramp will be located in an area which has very little water at low tide. I am sure they will want to dredge the creek also, which will cause water flow to increase and further erode neighboring properties.

I urge everyone in Dagsboro and all those who enjoy the Inland Bays to call the Planning and Zoning Commission and express their concerns.

Brian Hitchens