EDITORIAL: Selbyville becomes fan-friendly

We live in an age where information is of the utmost importance. With that need for information at the tip of our fingers, technology has led a revolution through the Internet, multi-tasking cell phones and PDAs and various other means of accessing data quickly.

It’s hard to determine which came first. Did the public’s thirst for immediate gratification lead the technological age? Or did the advancements in technology lead to consumers wanting more and more, faster and faster? Regardless, the Town of Selbyville is joining the technological arms race with a new town Web site that is more comprehensive, better aesthetically and provides more usable information and data with the simple click of a button.

In short, the town has made it easier for people to get information.

On this page, Web surfers can access the town’s Comprehensive Plan, review the town’s history, look at police and fire statistics, review town codes, download forms and get links to just about any governmental or civic organization one could want.

It’s very cool.

And, let’s face it, this is what people want. If there’s one complaint we hear in this office on a regular basis, it’s that towns, the county and the state all make it hard for residents or homeowners to find the information they need. The Selbyville Web site also includes links to local news sources — including the Coastal Point — so surfers can access stories written about the town, as well.

As much as this is an age of technology, it is also an age of people becoming frustrated with government on every level. Perhaps after surfing through what the town of Selbyville has provided, people will see that the town is doing its best to open its doors now.
The annual celebration that is New Year’s Eve welcomes us this Sunday, and it’s our annual reminder to play it safe if you’re behind the wheel.

Good times and libation are traditional factors in New Year’s Eve celebrations, and this year will be no differently. But we ask all of you who partake to not drive. It’s not only the legal ramifications we worry about. It’s the rest of us on the road that can also be affected by your behavior. Play it smart.