Reader: Say no to coal and yes to wind

Editor’s note: The following letter was address to public service commissioners and forwarded to the Coastal Point for publication.

Please provide the community clean and sustainable power sources, which do not pose the serious and known risks to our health which coal does. Human health costs of wind, sustainable power are non-existent.

Think back to times before germ theory, when doctors did not wash their hands after dissecting dead bodies, and before/between delivering babies or doing surgery. For our great-grandchildren, it may be with the same sense of astonishment that they look back on our burning of fossil fuels to generate electricity.

Just as you may wonder at the ignorance and question, “How could they not wash their hands?”; you should wonder, “How could we trade our lives and health for the generation of power, when wind and other renewable sources and conservation efforts are a viable option?”

As a physician and citizen, I urge you to prominently and honestly place the human health costs of coal-generated power into your decision-making process. You owe the asthma and cancer patients, and the 95 Delawareans who give their lives every year to air pollution, nothing less.

Show your foresight and ability to be visionary. Award our state funds to renewable, clean, disease-free power offered by an offshore wind farm.

Kim Furtado