EDITORIAL: Next generation taking their turn?

The appointment of Kami Banks to the Millville Town Council Tuesday night was not like most of the seats that get filled on various municipal boards — particularly in this area. See, Banks is 24, and she is raring with enthusiasm for the tasks that lay ahead.

“I’ve been attending [Millville Town Council] meetings for the past three years,” she said. “I thought it would be a good opportunity for myself to be involved in the community.”

Rare enough is the individual that goes to town council meetings for a consistent amount of time. Even rarer is when that individual brings a dash of youth to the governmental equation.

Hopefully, this creates a wave of participation in the political process by the young people in this community. We are a community of active volunteers, of local politicos who pour their hearts and souls into the communities they love and of young people who consistently move out of the area upon graduating school because the job market is too confining. With a dash of youthful exuberance and the intellectual notion of improving the quality of life for our younger residents, change might indeed be coming our way.

And Banks is bringing a refreshing attitude with her. When asked about her philosophies about serving on town government, Banks offered an inclusive, aggressive approach.

“I would like the townspeople to voice their concerns to council members,” she offered. “It’s better that we’re all proactive. Don’t just come to a meeting when something’s passed you by. Be informed.”

We’re not sure how Banks is going to do in her new position. You can bet she’s not entirely sure, either. But we do love her enthusiasm and feelings of involving everyone in Millville regarding town policies. It’s how good government works.

We applaud, and thank, Kami Banks for getting involved in her community in such a prominent way, at such a relatively young age. And we hope her recent appointment encourages more young residents of the area to get involved in the happenings and decisions around them.

-----While we’re on the topic of Millville Town Council’s installation meeting, let us also congratulate Don Minyon, who was appointed mayor of the town.

Minyon listed his priorities for the town as the town’s comprehensive plan and its budget — two entities that are often connected together through finances, and probably hold the most importance to most towns.