Nippes wants an educated voting public

I have spent a great deal of time campaigning in many of the communities that make up the Town of Ocean View. It has been an enlightening experience to listen to the positive and negative comments of residents.

Clearly, the residents that I have had the pleasure to meet have made me feel comfortable and engaged me in some provocative discussions. This dialogue demonstrates that many of the town’s constituents read the articles printed in the local papers about issues affecting the town. This has been especially evident concerning the pending election in District 1.

I am impressed with the level of interest generated by this election, especially in District 1, where more than one individual has stepped forward, creating competition. This is the essence of true democracy.

Based on the conversations that I have had, Ocean View is blessed with many talented people who have expressed a desire to make Ocean View a safe community in which to live and where we can become a cohesive community. There appears to be an underlining desire or need to unite this hodgepodge of individual communities into a united community.

If elected, I pledge to bring interested members of the town together and brainstorm how to preserve our cultural heritage and create events that will bring us together as a true community. I hope to be the necessary catalyst and facilitator to allow the talent and creativity in Ocean View to flourish.

On Saturday the 14th, the campaign ends and the registered voters must accept their civic responsibility and vote for the candidate of their choice. I want to assure the residents that I have one primary goal and that is to promote open, honest, and effective government.

Citizens who bring a valid concern before the Council must be assured that the problem will be addressed and a solution applied within a reasonable time frame. I am not beholden to any individual or interest group but serve at the pleasure of the community.

Every issue or proposal will be carefully read, analyzed, and discussed before I vote for or against. I am not afraid to be the only negative vote, if I determine the issue or ordinance in question is not in the best interest of the financial stability or character of this community.

If you choose to elect me, I pledge to work tirelessly for all residents of Ocean View. There will be issues that will create controversy and Council must listen to both sides of the issue and finally reach an accommodation that is the most appropriate for the community as a whole. I promise to study each issue, seek your input and finally vote for what I determine is in the best interest of Ocean View. Please study the goals and objectives of all the candidates and vote for that individual that will bring change and openness to your local government.

Richard Nippes, Candidate
Ocean View Town Council, District 1

Reader believes Hocker is wrong on issue

In a recent guest column, Rep. Gerald Hocker (R-Ocean View) stated the following: “I was proud to be the lead sponsor House Bill 267 in 2005. Basically, the measure establishes a civil recovery act for shoplifted materials from the individual caught shoplifting, without the need for filing a criminal action.”

As discussed in this guest column, HB 267 gives the individual retailer the ability to be arresting officer, judge and jury for those people who are caught in the act of shoplifting.

Hocker used the example of a Sussex County small business owner, who caught the son of a state trooper stealing from his store, handling the situation by sitting down with the minor and his parents to discuss the problem and not giving the misguided kids a criminal record.

What would this businessman have done if one of the “misguided kids” were not the son of a state trooper? If the “misguided kids” had stolen (sorry, shoplifted) merchandise from Hocker’s store would he have been as lenient if one of the parents was not a state trooper?

Lets hope the “misguided kids” don’t continue to shoplift (steal) from other retailers in the area. Hopefully, they will not move on to bigger and better things (cars, houses, banks, etc.) and this problem will not inconvenience Hocker.

James D. Houston

Ocean View resident supports Nippes

I am pleased to support the campaign of Richard Nippes for Ocean View Council. In particular, I like his program of fiscal responsibility based on economic principles. I feel he will strengthen our ties — socially, culturally and historically.

Jean Athan
Ocean View

Reader wary of NRG’s effects on the planet

I am a retired administrator and science educator. I understand the harm done to our environment with the release of CO2. The headlines of your Friday, March 30, edition, frankly scare me to death. If this amount of CO2 — 3.8 million and 4.5 million tons yearly — is allowed to enter the atmosphere, we are truly headed for trouble.

NRG admits that it has no tested or proven plan to capture/sequester this CO2. To raise greenhouse gas emissions by 50 to 60 percent at a time when all emphasis is on reducing the CO2 emissions is criminal.

It is beyond me how this bid can continue to be considered, especially when one of the deciders, Phillip Cherry, also represents Delaware on the Multi-State Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a project aimed at curbing releases of CO2.

I also do not understand the labor group position; willing to send our earth into a flooding condition so they can work. Do they not think there will be jobs connected with the building of a wind farm?

It is really time to look at this bid very carefully and cautiously and understand what it actually means to the future of our world. If this bid is chosen, it will be the worst mistake this state has ever made, and possibly the last.

James J. Vasselli
Ocean View

Robinson and Madara families appreciative

The family of Pearl Robinson, a life-long resident of Millville, wishes to thank everyone for all the cards, the beautiful flowers, and the delicious variety of food taken to St. George’s Methodist Church. We are very grateful for the respect and love shown for our mom.

The Robinson and Madara families