Hocker issues thanks for Jamboree support


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people involved in making the 25th Annual Springtime Jamboree the success that it was. This annual event evolved from the need to raise funds to support our local organizations and I am proud that, 25 years later, we are still doing just that, with all proceeds from this year’s event going to the Millville Volunteer Fire Company.

The Millville Volunteer Fire Company is certainly a very worthwhile recipient and many local residents will benefit from their multiple contributions back to our community.

First, I would like to thank the returning performers and band members who give many hours of their time in practicing and performing and continue to return year after year. We have great local talent.

This being the 25th year, I wanted to bring back as many performers as possible and sad to say I was not able to include any new talent due to time restraints. I thank the performers for their continued support. They are a great group to work with.

All of the members of the Millville Volunteer Fire Company need to be commended on the efforts put forth by them to contribute to this success. The hard work certainly paid off with the response of the community. This organization “took the bull by the horns” and made my job very easy.

As I stated at the Jamboree, I hope all who attended this year’s event will take a long look at the many businesses that sponsored an ad and make a conscious effort to support these local businesses. They depend on you, the community, as does the Jamboree itself. Your attendance is what keeps the Jamboree an annual event that I hope to continue for many years in the future, maybe 25 more.

Again, thank you to all involved and I hope to see you at the 26th Annual Springtime Jamboree in 2008.

Gerald W. Hocker
Springtime Jamboree founder