Bennett says Millville needs police now


Millville needs its own police department. A few weeks ago, one of the local newspapers printed an article entitled “In Dire Need of More Protection,” which talked about area towns with and without police departments.

As a Millville resident and a Millville town councilperson, I strongly believe the citizens and businesspeople of Millville want and need safety and security within their community. Sure, people say Millville can wait for its own police until population surges occur from housing build-outs in approved subdivisions like Millville By the Sea, but remember, it was just one year ago when three banking institutions in the Millville commercial area were victims of armed robbers.

Millville needs police sooner than later, if for no other reason than to serve and protect our busy and growing business district along Route 26.

Creation of a police department can take a couple of years at the least. The town must start today its serious consideration and implementation of a police department.

How to fund a Millville police department? Yes, the town sends a steady 10 percent of transfer taxes received into an account dedicated to funding a department. Perhaps the 10 percent should be increased. Currently, Millville’s transfer tax account holds a hefty amount of money, and with transfer taxes continuing to roll in, more transfer tax funds could be reserved.

By law, transfer tax monies must be used to build town infrastructure and for public safety purposes. And as other towns do, once a police department is formed, it will be possible for Millville to obtain county, state or federal funds for policing and homeland security to supplement the operation.

The town is sending out a questionnaire to citizens and businesses in Millville asking for your input on which projects need town focus during the next few years. I will be filling out my questionnaire stating that “Job #1 for the town of Millville is the creation of its own police department.”

Joan Bennett