Letters: June 8, 2007

We must return God to our conversations

When I was a young man, the phrase “…For God and Country” was a part of our growing up lessons we learned from school and from our parents. It was the proper way to direct your life and to provide a foundation for it. We didn’t think it was “cool” or “hot,” we just accepted it as natural as the sun rising in the east.

I am glad that it has not died entirely. I see from the news that many of today’s high school and college graduates are entering the military to defend their country against the war forced upon us by terrorists.

It reminded me of my own experience when I volunteered out of my first year of college to enter the Army in World War II, even though my previous matriculation there before Pearl Harbor entitled me to a deferment. It was just the right thing to do, as taught me by my father.

Again, thinking of today, a striking comparison came to mind. Today, those who enlist are secretly despised and ridiculed by some Americans. To them, the dutiful and upright thing to do is to do nothing. The reason why they think this way also struck me: they do not believe in God or country. That is what is behind their ridicule of those who do. Another thought struck me: is that how a loyal and patriotic American is supposed to feel? The answer shocked me. The answer is “No.”

We have drifted so far into liberalism that we are populated by a group we call liberals who really do not believe in God, actively despise and ridicule those who do, and from that position find ways to despise where faith in God leads us to love and defend our country.

In the past, it led us to the world’s highest level of honor and integrity, bravery and honest power. It is from that base position of faith in God that all else came forth, and the whole world admired and respected us, even though they had not rationalized the reason for it. From that base level of thought, all of our good qualities came forth and we had a moral strength that was invincible.

“For God and Country” gave us the moral strength to conquer all, even our own weaknesses. Today, we exploit our weaknesses, our sophisticated evils, and we no longer believe in anything except self-gratification and pleasure. Inch by inch we have crept from disbelief in the Creator to belief in things like global warming, a ridiculous sign of the weak pride that says Man has control over the Universe.

Actually, Man does not. It is merely stupid pride that says Man can change the universe. There is a thing called “natural law” that controls the universe and you can tell the sun to rise in the west a million times and it still won’t do it. It still won’t do it if you get Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi to pass a bill in Congress. Gross liberals make gross sounds, but the universe doesn’t listen to rude and pitiful noises.

And yet, in spite of the loud liberal noises, there is a segment of our population that still holds a straightforward belief in patriotism, in God, and any duty for Country. As long as that part of our population remains loyal to the roots of our establishment as a world-leading republic of the United States of America, we have a good chance to survive as a nation.

It is a sorry commentary that the liberal left seems devoted to its destruction. You don’t bolster a nation’s strength by fighting against its roots. Ours was founded on belief in God, in free speech and freedom of religion, in liberty and in justice — all presently attacked by our corrupted liberal left, and all perverted by such organizations as the ACLU which defends every attack on the true meaning of the Constitution.

I say, “God bless and protect those honest and God-fearing young men who are volunteering out of school to go and defend our nation,” even while our Congress is wasting our time and money debating over when we will cut and run out of there, disgracing the bravery, pride and honor of our military in Iraq who are not complaining about the fight they are waging for us.

It is the weak-kneed politicians who would never volunteer to risk their lives for us who want to tell us how to be good Americans. They advocate killing unborn children that might otherwise add to the patriotic military that defends us. They champion homosexuality and lesbianism that also does not produce children for us, just the empty pleasure that produces nothing. They champion abortion that depleted our generations and then welcomed illegal aliens to fill our depleted population. Why are they so blind?

It is because a segment of our population has betrayed the mantra of “God and Country” that we are in the state of disbelief in national unity and strength. No matter what the disbelievers say, our nation was founded on the concept of God in order to create a unique Country. Disbelief in that is disbelief in America.

It is dawning on us that those who do not believe in God really do not believe in our country. It means that you can believe in something else, like the European Union in which nations have given up their sovereignty. With anti-God secularism they each have given up their identity as a nation.

We have those here who want to do the same thing, placing us into a union without borders with Mexico and Canada. Beware! These are the liberals who do not believe in a wall to protect our borders against illegal entry, yet do all in their power to create a wall between those who believe in God and those who do not — in favor of the unbelievers. We must return to our belief in God and Country to survive.

God bless our young men and women who are out there liberating a terrorized country and at the same time defending us from the same thing while our liberal politicians are chanting their motto, “Cut and Run. Yes, cut and run over there but let us give amnesty to illegal aliens over here.” But where is that kind of thinking coming from? There is a rumor that some politicians have to fail an intelligence test in order to be elected to Congress. Is it true?

If so, no nation can survive with that motto.

Charles N. Valenti
Rehoboth Beach

Dogs must be kept under control
Editor’s note: The following letter is a response to a letter published in the June 1, 2007, issue of the Coastal Point, regarding tethered dogs and dog bites.


If a dog is trained, socialized and given attention, the method of containment is not a factor in its behavior.

A 2001 study done at Cornell University comparing tethered dogs to those kept in pens found there was no improvement in behavior in the penned dogs.

The CDC statistics that Ms. Haddock quoted are from a 1994 report, “Which Dogs Bite? A Case Control Study of Risk Factors,” published in “Pediatrics.” The authors of the study, K.A. Gershmen, J.J. Sachs and J.C. Wright, themselves say that statistics can give a false impression.

In this particular study, the researchers did not consider contributing factors, such as length of chain, attention given to the dogs, provocation of the dogs or dangerous owner practices. They did conclude, however, the risk factors are a result of gross human negligence or criminal intent.

To an overwhelming degree, children wandering into a tethered dog’s area and injured or, even more sadly, killed, are unsupervised by any adult. No child, especially a very young child, should ever be left along with any dog. A dog is not human and does not understand like a human, think like a human or react like a human.

A properly confined dog, whether it is by tethering, fencing or penning, is a dog that is not roaming the streets, annoying the neighbors and generally being a nuisance in the community.

Sandra Curcy
Ocean View

Many helped to make Fun Festival fun

The members of the Lord Baltimore Elementary Spirit Committee would like to extend our sincere appreciation to all the committee members, volunteers, parents, students and vendors who attended the LB Fun Festival on Saturday, May 19.

We are truly grateful to all who participated and had fun that day. The students and staff of Lord Baltimore Elementary had a wonderful day full of crafts, games and food. We would like to recognize all the businesses that supported us and helped to make the Fun Festival a huge success.

The following businesses contributed to our Fun Festival: Mediacom; Hocker’s & G&E Grocery Stores; 84 Lumber; Grotto’s; Ken’s Bayside; Garth Enterprises Ltd.; Mercantile Peninsula Bank; Branch Construction; Halls Drywall Sanding Inc.; Crisfield Seafood Restaurant; Treasure Island Fashions Inc.; Jefferson, Urian, Doane & Sterner, PA.; Land Design Inc.; C & B Complete Cleaning Service Inc.; Déjà Vu; Bethany Beach Printing; Denise Beam/State Farm Insurance; Acri Construction, LLC; D. Stephen Parsons, PA.; Mary Ann’s Interiors; Integrity Communities; Sport Court of Delaware; Schering-Plough Animal Health Corp.; Delaware Electric Cooperative; Fadden Construction; Mike Gichner Trucking; County Bank; Kiki Designs; Steve Morgan, Anderson Scott Mortgage; DeMarie Real Estate; Coastal Real Estate; McCabe’s Gourmet Market; Southern Delaware Explorer; Sandstone Construction; Roxana Wesleyan Church; Kim DiLorenzo Photography; Darlene Campbell, Home Interiors; Coastal Point newspaper; Layton Associates Real Estate; All Out Sports; Mark West; Master Electrician; Hudson’s General Store; Michael Orhelein Photography; Delaware National Bank; Barnhart Photography; and First Shore Federal Bank.

Once again, many thanks for all of the support that helped make the Fun Festival a success. We appreciate everything.

Sherri Hudson and Tammy Stong
Lord Baltimore Elementary
Spirit Committee

Community came through for program

As executive director of InterFaith Mission of Sussex County, I am writing to express our heartfelt gratitude to the community for generously supporting our recent fundraiser at Armand’s Pizza by the Sea. We had a sell-out crowd who came and enjoyed the delicious dinner prepared and served by Ron Drosdzal and his family and staff.

InterFaith Mission is a local non-profit community housing development organization that serves low-income families in need of safe, decent, affordable housing. Since 1990, we have been providing emergency home repairs for Sussex County families, and building affordable housing for families at 50 percent of the area median income or below. Our work would be impossible without the generous support of the local community, through both their contributions and their time and talent.

Our special thanks go to St. Ann’s Catholic Church for so enthusiastically supporting this event, to St. Martha’s Episcopal Church for volunteering in our Emergency Repair Program, and to the Lord Baltimore Lions Club for providing the manpower and know-how to build our handicapped ramps for clients.

Thanks to our board president, Pat Duchesne, for making this event happen, to Ron Drosdzal for his generosity, and to the Bethany, Ocean View, Millville and Clarksville communities for helping us help others. Together, we are “building community through better housing.”

Deborah Wilkins Schiffer,
Executive Director
InterFaith Mission of Sussex County

Craft show a big hit, thanks to many

The Bethany Beach Seaside Craft Show Committee extends our many thanks to all the volunteers that contributed to this year’s successful event which was held on Saturday, June 2, 2007.

Since its inception three years ago, this show has almost doubled in size. This year not only featured exceptional crafters, we also had an abundance of sunshine.

The backbone of a successful event of this magnitude is the volunteers.

Maureen Killmer, our volunteer organizer, did a great job with the lineup this year:

• The 5:30 a.m. booth marking and check in crew, Nada Argonish, Ernie Bernhardt, Patty DiCarne, Dave Flickinger, Dick and Sharon Fox, Mary Headman, Lew and Maureen Killmer, Fulton and Theo Lopatto, Stephanie Martin, Charlie and Susan McMullen, Tracy Mulligan and Judy Rieg.

• The parking lot attendants, Frank Barrett, Tony Fulco, Phil Rossi and Bob Wallace all assisted with the show’s organization.

• The information and booth sitters: Carol Coyle, Betty Gullo, Pat Rogers and Flo Smith.

A very special thanks to the Bethany Beach Police and Bethany Beach Public Works for a super job throughout the day.

Last, but not least, we would like to thank the Bethany Beach Cultural and Historical Affairs Committee for sponsoring the show.

Thanks for all your support.

The 2007 Bethany Beach Seaside Craft Show Committee:
Gloria Farrar
Sharon Fox
Mary Headman
Carol Olmstead, Co-Chairperson
Sandy Wood, Co-Chairperson

Barrett and others help to make event success

I am writing to acknowledge the profound generosity of Frank Barrett, who sponsored a carnival for children and teens with autism this past May 19 at the Bethany Beach Christian Conference Center.

Families of children with autism face challenges each day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Mr. Barrett enabled children with autism and their families to relax during a day of fun, community and friendship, including games, prizes, lunch, music and activities – all free of charge.

Thanks also to the many community partners who made the day a success, including Bethany Beach Christian Conference Center and Staff, Rev. Sir Walter Scott, The Shriner’s Clowns, Bethany Beach Fire Company, DiFebo’s and Bethany Blues BBQ, who made a fabulous lunch possible.

Many smiles were grown throughout the day and families who aren’t always able to participate in such activities were able to enjoy the day together.

Sussex County is lucky to have Mr. Barrett as a citizen. His organized an amazing day for our families and his kindness is truly a gift.

Melissa Tice Martin, Executive Officer
Lower Delaware Autism Foundation

Reader not happy with proximity of inmates

Dagsboro residents, we have a safety and quality of life issue of which you should be made aware. We are alarmed to discover inmates from the local jail, under armed supervision, working in vacant lots next to our homes in our residential neighborhood.

Although residents support efforts to maintain the township and also support opportunities for rehabilitation of incarcerated individuals, we strongly recommend such activities be restricted to highway right-of-ways and restricted from residential neighborhoods.

When inmates arrive, children stop playing and go inside, windows are closed and door locks are checked. Parents must explain to children why their outdoor activities are unexpectedly interrupted. Residents don’t feel comfortable walking, doing yard work or even walking to and from their vehicles.

The “lockdown” of our homes is not conducive to the Dagsboro lifestyle. Upon communicating this issue to the mayor, he dismissed our concerns and fears as unfounded.

A response from Gov. Ruth Minner indicates this issue might be more quickly remedied by residents at the local level.

Inmates have been witnessed closely scrutinizing neighborhood activity. Summer is approaching and children will soon be out of school. How ironic that our family lifestyles are held hostage by inmates.

Let’s restrict this activity now before it becomes more than just irony. If your neighborhood has not yet been impacted, apparently it’s only a matter of time.

Our community is in the process petitioning Dagsboro to restrict this activity. We urge you and your neighborhood to communicate your concerns.

Maria Schmidt

Towns should pay their beach aid bills

This is a response to former Mayor Joe McHugh of Bethany Beach’s letter of May 25.

Bethany Beach and the other coastal towns have not just been relying on the accommodations tax. They have been living off our tax dollars, which are funded through the bond bill.

In 2007, HB 350 approved $3.7 million for beach replenishment, and SB15 for fiscal 2008 is requesting $5.037 million.

For 19 years, the towns have not paid for beach replenishment. (Initially, the towns paid half of the cost and were reimbursed by the accommodations tax — now DNREC bypasses that and pays the whole bill.)

An economic study done by George Parsons of the University of Delaware, Newark, states the towns economically benefit the most and everyone within 3,500 feet of the beach should be paying the whole bill.

I say the coastal towns should pay the whole bill for the next 19 years, since the taxpayers of Delaware and the U.S. taxpayers have been paying to protect your property for the last 19. What do you say?

William J. Winkler Sr.
Ocean View