EDITORIAL: Fenwick gets it right with Boyden

Sometimes, the best choices are right in front of our faces. This time, it was recognized quickly and acted upon in the right manner.

The Town of Fenwick Island, apparently surprised recently by the decision of Fenwick Island Police Chief Colette Sutherland to not seek an extension of her contract, had to hire a replacement who would both follow their vision for the town’s future and be accepted by the community in general.

Mission accomplished.

Town council announced last week that Sgt. William Boyden would become the new chief of police on July 1. Boyden was previously serving as the department’s liaison with the media and public — making him the name and face of the department for many in the public. How has Boyden been received?

He was voted in unanimously by the council, and received a standing ovation from the audience.

Boyden has served in law enforcement for 28 years, and brings more than just a wealth of experience to the job. He has been informative and open with the media, has shown empathy and a willingness to be involved with the community to residents of the town and has with him the reputation of a man who is true to his word, and fair with his decisions.

This is a terrific hire by the town.

The most important role played by any police department is that of the safety-provider. People need to feel that the police are on their side, and that they are efficient, professional and committed to maintaining and improving public safety. Boyden fits that bill perfectly.

With a council election on the horizon that could stir up some emotions in the town, it is even more important that this was a decision of general consensus. Consider that done.

The Coastal Point congratulates the Town of Fenwick Island for a smart hire, and offers encouragement and wishes of good luck to William Boyden in his new position.


Perhaps the busiest holiday of the year for this community is now upon us, and the slate of activities planned ensures that there is plenty to do for everyone. Let’s all please remember safety over this holiday period, and to drink responsibly. Others are vacationing, as well.