Letters to Editor - July 6, 2007

Town invites residents to create seal and motto

The Town of Ocean View is very excited about its search for a town seal and motto, and wants to invite participation from all present and former Ocean View property owners, and is therefore presenting the following contest rules.

The Ocean View Historical Committee, with the approval of the Ocean View Town Council, hopes that all Ocean View property owners will use their many talents and energy to help the town in its quest for a town seal and motto that embodies the rich historic heritage and the future promise of Ocean View.

You have already discovered Ocean View’s quaint small-town charm but may not be aware of some historic information about the town.

(1) Legend states that the town’s previous name of Hall’s Store was changed to Ocean View after someone climbed a tree or looked out a second-story window and saw the Atlantic Ocean.

(2) The Town of Ocean View received its charter from the state on April 3, 1889.

(3) Residents made their living in the maritime trades or on farms in the 1880s, but this changed when the broiler chicken industry began in the town in the early 1920s.

(4) The building of the Assawoman Canal delineated the northern and southern boundaries of the town.

(5) The influx of resort residents and housing expansion changed the character of the town from a small close-knit family-oriented community with a simple lifestyle to one in which many residents only live here during the summer resort season.

The seal design must reflect the rich history and current character of the town and must leave space for the motto inside the seal design or directly under the seal. The motto should consist of three to five words.

Contestants may submit a seal design with or without a motto, or a motto without a corresponding seal design, and may tender as many entries as they wish. A cash prize of $100 and a gift donation will be awarded for the winning seal design and the winning motto. The winner or winners will be publicly recognized at a public meeting of the town council.

Entries can be delivered to the town hall, located at 32 West Avenue, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., or mailed to: Town of Ocean View, P.O. Box 3, Ocean View DE 19970 by 4:30 p.m. on July 31, 2007.

The Historical Committee will review all entries and narrow the selection down to two in each category, and the Town Council will approve the final seal design and motto. The town has the right to reject any and all entries, and the seal and motto become the property of the Town of Ocean View once the prizes are accepted. Please call town manager Conway Gregory at (302) 539-9797 or e-mail him at townmgrtov@verizon.net if you have any questions or need additional information.

This contest is limited to all former and present Ocean View Property owners. The mayor, members of the town council and town staff members cannot enter this contest.

This endeavor is a significant challenge, but we are confident that Ocean View has many creative minds who will meet this challenge. Please help us create a unique seal and motto for use on all Ocean View correspondence and souvenirs. This is your chance to leave your legacy to Ocean View and receive recognition throughout the state of Delaware.

Richard Nippes
Ocean View Town Council

Coverage of meeting is appreciated

Thank you for the manner in which Jonathan Starkey covered the antics of Sussex County Council in your June 29 issue. Rather than engage in “polite” coverage of the recent meeting, he told it like it was.

Many of us citizens have suspected the attitudes of council members to be arrogant and totally indifferent to the quality of life here in Sussex County. You provided a firsthand confirmation of our suspicions.

Telling people that “if you don’t like living here, you can leave” is a sad commentary on the mismanagement of development which has been taking place in recent years and an admission of failure.

Figuratively speaking, to say that we have the best county government developers can buy rather accurately describes the situation. George Cole often stands alone against the establishment. And, he seems to be our only hope of making this a better place in which to live.

Please continue to give us citizens an accurate picture of what is really happening at future meetings in our county.

Graden Scott
Ocean View

Farmer thankful for local support

On behalf of the 12 farm families operating out of the Bethany Beach Farmers’ Market last Sunday, I want to thank the Coastal Point and Jonathan Starkey for their insightful coverage of local agriculture in the recent series of colorful articles promoting the market. Farmers are extremely busy this time of year. Your paper gave us a voice.

In addition, the town of Bethany Beach gave us an opportunity for friendly commerce between growers and residents. Farmers were overwhelmed by the response to the farmers’ market and sold out of most produce by 10 a.m. We are grateful to the customers who waited patiently in line without complaint, and we are busy gathering more produce and recruiting additional vendors as we head into our most productive time of the season.

Growers appreciate the positive press and the town’s support, reinforcing what I have always known to be true — Bethany Beach is a very classy town.

Carrie W. Bennett
Bennett Orchards