Brain games a help for Alzheimer’s prevention

The submission by a reader, published last week, caught my eye several days ago, so I read it, slept on the information and now take up the pencil and paper, so to speak.

Cynthia, it was with some enthusiasm that I read your article of last week in the Coastal Point. The compassion I detected in your choice of words indicates to me that you are affected by this scourge on mankind (Alzheimer’s) in some direct way.

If I am correct, I am truly sorry for your pain. Our Lord has taken much of the pain out of the consciousness of those who are fully afflicted with it. If there is any good news, it may be this. But the bad news is, just as you indicated, conservative projections indicate Alzheimer’s will be on the increase in our lifetimes.

If what I suspect to be the cause for Alzheimer’s is true, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Got your attention?

Read “The Dying of Enoch Wallace, Life, Death and the Changing Brain” by Dr. Ira Black (ISBN #0-07-126208-8), available in most upscale bookstores. I purchased mine some years ago from Browseabout Books in Rehoboth Beach. What the good doctor discovered knocked my socks off and perhaps will yours as well.

Warning — this is a highly technical book so have your Webster’s available. In a nutshell, as we age we will lose brain cells from natural causes. After cell death or damage, our bodies can send out neurons past the dying cells to hopefully find a portion of the 90 percent +/- of our unused gray matter. Once connected, they form synapses or the electrical contacts which enable those cells to speak to each other.

Dr. Black determined that there is one outside stimulus which accounts for neuron growth. I will bet you have no clue. I didn’t either. Here’s a clue — how many senior citizens do you know who religiously complete or attempt to complete crossword puzzles every day? They enjoy board games or cards and they have the cognition of a middle-aged adult. My parents in Arizona do and are. What do activities such as these provide? Stress in controlled amounts. Read Dr. Black’s book and see if you don’t concur.

Now reflect back into the lives of those you know or have known who were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I will bet you dollars to donuts that controlled stress was not part of their daily lives. They perhaps fell victim to the “entertain me” mindset. Our youth of today are victims as well, victims of the “entertain me now” mindset. What ever happened to building tree houses or just reading a book for fun? The old expression “use it or lose it” applies to our gray matter as well. Just consider all the tools for dealing with life that something as simple as a cross-word puzzle offers.

A few come to mind — creativity, imagination, problem solving, “stick-to-it-ativeness,” attention focusing, entertainment, memory activity. Does the list sound familiar? Are they some of the abilities missing in Alzheimer’s sufferers? Just as we age slowly, we can preserve our cognitive abilities slowly as well. The challenges presented to us through mind games like cross-word puzzles evoke small amounts of stress, thus encouraging neuron growth.

I have a personal interest in Alzheimer’s in that it has been reported that head injury survivors have a much greater risk of being diagnosed with it. I have had a TBI (traumatic brain injury) for 13 years. My psychiatrist told me in 1994 that I needed to be challenged. Through challenge I would learn to compensate for the changes facing me.

Challenge=Stress=Neuron Growth=Cognition=Life.

I am a local craftsman potter who volunteers much time and energy to Delmarva’s only support facility for brain injury survivors, which is Peach Tree Acres located in Harbeson, (302) 684-4002.

Robin Reifsnyer

Loss of recycling drop-off location hurts

As I applaud the effort to have more individual home owners in the town of Fenwick become more responsibly involved in recycling, I am dismayed that the recycling center in Fenwick Island is closing. Hundreds of local citizens that live right outside of the town limits use that center weekly. At this time, individual recycling is not being offered to us.

This center has, for years, been used by individuals who care deeply about the health of the planet. How are they to participate in recycling now? Selbyville and Millville are 10 miles away.

Resort areas are unique, with all of the visitors that vacation here yearly. Many of these persons use the center. Also, there are hundreds of people who own second homes here and visit on weekends. They use this center.

This decision will hurt the environment, not help it. We need central recycling centers all along the coast to encourage residents and visitors alike to recycle.

Perhaps a solution would be to place recycling cans at the end of each street near the beach, next to the trash cans, to provide a place for the other residents of greater Fenwick and for the visitors.

George J. Doll
Fenwick Island

Editor’s note: Individual residences throughout Delaware can now subscribe to curbside recycling through the Delaware Solid Waste Authority. The service has been available since mid-2006, at a cost of approximately $1 per pick-up, scheduled weekly. Single-stream curbside recycling is currently limited to municipal recycling programs, such as that recently begun in Fenwick Island, but is anticipated to go state-wide, including individual subscribers, sometime in mid-2008. For more information on Delaware’s residential curbside recycling program, call DSWA at (800) 404-7080 or visit the Web site at www.dswa.com.

Beaches should ban smoking and phones

I am writing to express my thoughts on Larry Sherman’s letter in the Aug. 31 Coastal Point against a ban on smoking on the beach.

I could not disagree more! Mr. Sherman suggests that a little courtesy on the part of smokers is all that is needed. And he believes that smokers should be able to decide to smoke as long as it does not affect others.

Mr. Sherman, have you ever sat comfortably on the beach down wind of a considerate smoker? No, you have not, because there is no such thing as a considerate smoker on the beach!

Mr. Sherman also references a litany of beach restrictions at Bethany’s beaches. A lot of us go the State beaches that have similar rules. The State beaches, however, also have a carry-it-in, carry-it-out regulation. Do smokers abide by this? Have you ever seen a smoker carrying out his cigarette butts? I haven’t, and from the cigarette butt litter I’ve seen on the beach, no courteous smoker abides by this rule.

I hope Bethany bans smoking on the beach and that the State beaches shortly there after follow suit.

Mr. Sherman suggests that if we must ban something we ban cell phones. On this, I wholeheartedly agree. Cell phone rings are annoying and the one side of the conversation that is audible is inane at best. But neither are a threat to the neighbors’ health. We could, however, ban both, since new signs will be needed?

Thomas M. Keeley
Ocean View

‘Yart Sale’ a hit for local artists and art lovers

We would like to thank all of those in our community who came to support our first annual “Yart Sale.”

We apologize to any of those who were confused and thought that it was a yard sale. We tried to be very clear in our advertisement, which ran two weeks prior to the event, and on a sign that was posted on our property as well. The intent of the Yart Sale was to support our local artists and introduce some new local talent as well. It was a great success and we want to thank everyone for their support.

We also held a raffle to benefit the The Village Players, our local theatre group, which is a 501c nonprofit organization. We raised $480 and want to thank everyone for purchasing tickets.

Many thanks to Christina Weaver, who donated one of her framed photographs for the raffle and Dawn Pierro, who donated a necklace and earring set. Thank you to everyone who supports our local artists!

Julie and Nick Kypreos
Bethany Beach

Saint Martha’s Golf Outing supports many

The Golf Committee of St. Martha’s Episcopal Church, Bethany Beach, would like to thank everyone who supported our 6th Annual Golf Outing and Awards Dinner on Sunday, Aug. 26. This year’s function was held at Bear Trap Dunes Golf Community in Ocean View. Three dozen men and women participated in the nine-hole best-ball scramble tournament, while another two dozen non-golfers attended the evening buffet, which included awards and prizes.

Proceeds from mulligan sales, “Chinese” auction and a 50/50 drawing will be used by St. Martha’s Outreach Committee to help provide necessities for needy families across Sussex County.

We would like to give a special thanks to all of our sponsors who contributed so generously to this 6th Annual Golf Outing: Bayside Golf Community, Bear Trap Golf Community, Cripple Creek Golf Community, Bethany Beach Mini Golf, Dirty Harry’s Restaurant, Armand’s Pizzeria, Salsa’s, Cottage Café, McCabe’s Gourmet Market, Parkway Restaurant, Mangos, The Bistro at Bear Trap Dunes, Grotto’s Pizza, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stutts, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Burlew, and Mr. and Mrs. Leo Mozzoni. Each year’s event has become increasingly successful due in part to the kindness and generosity of those individuals and businesses mentioned above.

It is our goal to make this annual event larger, and more successful, thus making more funds available to reach people in need throughout Sussex County.

Golf Committee members Harry Burlew, Clem Edgar, Rick Goodman, Paul Stutts, Sue Lemons, Jim Lemons, Fran Marta, Ken Marta, Jeff Jackson and Tom McCormick

Reader discusses issues that concern him

In a prior letter, I raised concern over the loss of our country’s sovereignty if steps are not taken to correct the dangerous course on which our country finds itself. It was pointed out how that would happen through the combined implementation of the Security and Prosperity Plan (SPP), the NAFTA Super Highway and the Kelo decision.

In that letter I briefly discussed an organization called the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and how they planned to remove our borders with Mexico and Canada. So, now let focus our attention on the CFR.

First, what is the CFR? It is several things. It is an American policy think tank. It is the promotional arm of the ruling elite in the United States of America. It is one of the country’s most powerful organizations and exerts tremendous influence on U.S. foreign and domestic policy. It has over 4,000 members and its published membership list reads like the Who’s Who of America.

It has over 200 employees with headquarters in NYC and an office in Washington, D.C. CFR is a private organization, notwithstanding the implication of its name — much like the Federal Reserve is a private organization, not withstanding its name.

The current president of CFR is Richard Haass who left his position as director of policy planning staff at the State Department to assume the presidency. He replaces Leslie H. Gelb.

There is a close affinity between CFR and other one world organizations such as The Trilateral Commission (founded by Rockefeller protégé Zbigniew Brzezinski) and The Bilderberg Group. Also, members of the secret Skull & Bones society (including John Kerry and George Bush), as well as a large number of Rhodes Scholars, are members in one or more of these organization. Cecil Rhodes, who made his fortune in diamonds, established the Rhodes Scholarship Program to recruit top people from various nations in order that they could learn how to bring about a one-world government. The scholarships are for two years with a third at the discretion of the trustees.

What are CFR’s beliefs and objectives? It has described itself as “A nonpartisan Resource for Information and Analysis that is dedicated to increasing America’s understanding of the world and contributing ideas to U.S. foreign policy.”

But, in a 2005 makeover of its Web site it seems to have deleted any reference to “contributing ideas to U.S. foreign policy.” Others say it’s much more than that — that it’s a collection of elite “one-worlders” who are using their influence to infiltrate what CFR calls the New World Order into American life.

The New World Order appears to be code for a one-world government where countries’ borders are dissolved and national sovereignty is a thing of the past. It is their intention that the instrument through which world government should be implemented is the United Nations. The present United Nation Organization is actually the creation of the CFR and is housed on land in Manhattan donated to it by the family of CFR member David Rockefeller.

Professor Carroll Quigley, professor of History and Bill Clinton’s mentor while at Georgetown University, seems to agree, stating, “The Council on Foreign Relation is the American Branch of a society which originated in England and believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one-world rule established.” However, the image of the CFR as a closed-shop discussion group has fueled criticism that the organization and its members are in fact controlling world policy and events.

How did CFR get started? The Council on Foreign Relations, as well as its English counterpart, the Royal Institute of International Affairs resulted from a meeting on May 30, 1919, at the Hotel Majestic in Paris and was formally established in 1921. Some of the founding members were Edward M. House and such potentates of international banking as J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Paul Warburg, Otto Kahn and Jacob Schiff, the same clique which had orchestrated the establishment of the Federal Reserve System in 1913. It is said one need to understand the role of David Rockefeller, the Rockefeller family and its dynasty if one is to truly understand what is happening as they are one of the most powerful geopolitical forces in the world.

Who are some CFR members? The CFR has no official status within our government yet their membership list includes past presidents, ambassadors, Secretaries of State, Wall Street investors, international bankers, foundation executives, think tank executives, lobbyists, lawyers, NATO and Pentagon military leaders, wealthy industrialist, journalists, media owners and executives, university presidents and key professors, select Congressman, Supreme Court justices, federal judges, wealthy entrepreneurs and as many as 10 9-11 Commission members.

Fully 31 percent of the members are from the corporate sector, with another 25 percent coming from varied academic settings (professors, university administrators, researcher, fellows). Non-profits make up another 15 percent, government 13 percent, law 8 percent, the media 6 percent and “other” 2 percent.

Since FDR nearly all presidential candidates have been CFR members. President Truman, who was not a CFR member, was advised by a group of “wise men,” all six of whom were CFR members. In 1952 and 1956, CFR Adlai Stevenson challenged CFR Ike Eisenhower. In 1960, CFR Jack Kennedy challenged CFR Richard Nixon. In 1964, the GOP stunned the establishment by nominating its candidate Barry Goldwater over CFR Nelson Rockefeller. In 1968, CFR Nixon ran against CFR Hubert Humphrey. The 1972 contest featured CFR Nixon vs. CFR George McGovern.

In 1976, we had CFR Jimmy Carter, who is also a member of the Trilateral Commission. Former President George H.W. Bush was a CFR director (’77-’79), although his name disappeared from the membership list in 1979. Former President Bill Clinton is a CFR member. Ronald Reagan’s and current President George W. Bush’s names do not appear on any published CFR membership list, but, like Truman, they have surrounded themselves with CFR members, including George H.W. Bush and Richard Chaney, respectively. Additional CFR presidential candidates include Walter Mondale, Edmund Muskie, John Anderson, Lloyd Bentsen, Al Gore, John Kerry and wife Teresa Heinz Kerry.

Since 1934, it appears almost every United States Secretary of State has been a CFR member, including Madeleine Albright and Condoleezza Rice.

It appears that all Secretaries of War or Defense from Henry L Stinson to Donald Runsfeld, and now Robert Gates, have been CFR members.

The CIA appears to have been under CFR control almost continuously since its creation, starting with Allen Dulles, founding member of the CFR and brother of Secretary of State under President Eisenhower, John Foster Dulles and more recently George Tenant.

Some judiciary members of the CFR appear to be Sandra Day O’Connor, Steve G. Bryer, Ruth B Ginsberg and Laurence H. Silberman.

A number of the 9-11 Commission were CFR members. Among them are Thomas H. Kean (chair), Lee H. Hamilton (vice chair), Jamie S. Gorelick, Bob Kerrey, John F. Lehman and Philip D. Zelikow.

Some past CFR Allied Supreme Commanders are Eisenhower, Ridgeway, Gruenther, Norstead, Lemnitzer, Goodpastor, Haig, Rogers.

Some past CFR Superintendents of U.S. military at West Point are Westmoreland, Lampert, Bennet, Knowlton, Barry, Goodpastor.

A few CFR senators, past and present are William Roth Jr. (Delaware), Joseph Lieberman (Connecticut), .John Kerry (Massachusetts), Charles Robb (Virginia), George Mitchell (Maine), Larry Pressler (South Dakota) John Chafee (Rhode Island), Claiborne Pell (Rhode Island), Bob Graham (Florida), Dianne Feinstein (California), Christopher Dodd (Connecticut), William Cohen (Maine), William Bradley (New Jersey), John Rockefeller (West Virginia) and Charles Hagle (Nebraska).

A few CFR House Representatives, past and present are Howard Berman (California), Thomas Foley (Washinton), Sam Gejdenson (Connecticut), Richard Gephardt (Missouri), Newton Gingrich (Georgia), Lee Hamilton (Indiana), Jim Leach (Iowa),John Lewis (Georgia), Olympia Snow (Maine), Robert Matsui (California), David Mccurdy (Oklahoma), Eleanor Norton (D.C.), Thomas El Petri (Wisconsin), Charles Rangel (New York), Carlos Romeroo-Barcelo (Puerto Rico), Patricia Schroeder (Colorado), John Spratt (South Carolina), Louis Stokes (Ohio).

Other well known CFRs are Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell, Richard A. Clarke, Christine Todd Whitman, William F. Buckley Jr., James Baker, Sandy Berger, Warren Christopher, Walter Slocombe, Joseph Nye, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., George Stephanopoulos, George Soros, Jessie Jackson, Daniel Schorr, Robert Reich, General Wesley Clarke, Maj. Gen. John Seawall, Alan Greenspan, Cyrus R. Vance, Paul Vocker.

Some media CFR members, past or present, are Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, David Brinkley, John Chancellor, Marvin Kelb, Irving R. Levine, Barbara Walters, Dianne Sawyer, John Scali, Robert McNeil, Jim Leher, Daniel Schorr.

Some CFR media CEO’s, past or present, are Laurence A. Tisch (CBS), John F. Welch (NBC/RCA), Thomas F. Murphy (ABC), W. Thomas Johnson (Cable News Network).

Some CFR print news, past or present, are Michael Posner (Reuters), Henry Trewhitt (Baltimore Sun), David Gergen (U.S. News & World Report). The New York Times has at least 18 CFR members. Time Inc. has at least seven CFR members. The Washington Post has at least 14 CFR members. The Wall Street Journal has at least three CFR members. Readers Digest has at least five CFR members.

The following corporations have at least three of their directors who are also CFR members: Amercan Insurance Group, eight; J.P. Morgan Chase, Boeing, six; The Blackstone Group, Conoco, Disney/ABC, five: Kissenger-Mclarty Associates, IBM, Exxon Mobil, Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal, Viacom/CBS, Time Warner, four; The Caryle Group, Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, First Boston, Washington Post,/Newsweek, Chevron Texaco, Lockeed Martin, Halliburton, Alliance Capital, three.

What they and others say about CFR – what must be remembered is that this is not some lunatic-fringe group, these are members of one of the most powerful private organizations in the world: the people who determine and control American economic, social, political, and military policy. Perhaps the best way to understand the CFR is to listen what they say about themselves and what others have said about them.

Members’ influence extends to “leaders in academia, public service, business, and the media.” according to the CFR 1993 “annual Report.”

The CFR states in its publication, “Foreign Affairs,” that it is “host to many views, advocate of none,” and it “has no affiliation with the U.S. government.” Right! No affiliation that is if you don’t count CFR members who have been elected president of the United States, are members of Congress, the Supreme Court, the Joint Chiefs, the Federal Reserve, hold cabinet and sub-cabinet posts as well as many other Federal bureaucratic positions. No, they are not affiliated with government — they are the government, in effect. They are the “shadow government” referred to by writers in the past.

Author/journalist Richard Rovere (CFR) has aptly described the Council as “a sort of Presidium for that part of the Establishment that guides our destiny as a nation.

In his 1979 memoir, “With No Apologies,” Barry Goldwater noted, “When a new president comes on board, there is great turnover in personnel but no change in policy.”

Felix Frankfurter, Supreme Court Justice (1939-1962) said, “The real rulers of Washington are invisible and exercise power from behind the scene.”

In a letter dated Nov. 21, 1933, to an associate, President Franklin Roosevelt wrote, “The real truth of the matter, as you and I know, is that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.

Sen. William Jenner warned in a speech, “Outwardly we have a constitutional government but we have operating within our government and political system another body representing another form of government, a bureaucratic-elite, which believes our constitution is outmoded.”

James Warburg, son of CFR founder Paul Warburg, and a member of FDR’s “brain trust” testified before the Senate Foreign Relation Committee on Feb. 17, 1950, “We shall have world government whether or not you like it — by consent or conquest.” Who is that “we” he was referring to?

One recurring view was stated in the 50th Anniversary issue of “Foreign Affairs” the official publication of the CFR. In an article by Kingman Brewster Jr. titled “Reflections On Our National Purpose,” he stated, ”our purpose should be to do away with our nationality, to take some risks in order to invite some others to pool their sovereignty with ours.”

Ted Koppel (CFR) on Sept. 29, 1988, said on “Nightline,” “nationalism is a virus” just as Joseph Stalin on May 18, 1925, quoted Lenin as saying the same thing.

In 1987, Professor Arthur Selwyn Miller, a Rockefeller-funded historian, wrote, “…the fact that the existence of the Establishment — the ruling class — is not supposed to be discussed. A third secret is … that there is really only one political party of any consequence in the United States … The Republicans and the Democrats are in fact two branches of the same (secret) party.”

Upon his return from Communist China, David Rockefeller wrote an article that was published in the New York Times on Aug. 10, 1973. He stated, “The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in History.” By then Chairman Mao was responsible for the death of over 80 million of his fellow countrymen.

In 1974, under David Rockefeller’s leadership, the CFR’s Foreign Affairs magazine published an article by Richard Gardner (CFR) which proposed “…an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.”

On July 30, 1977, Huang Hua, Foreign Minister of Communist China, stated that his country would use trade to build socialism and revolution in the United States.

On Sept. 29, 1992, Winston Lord (CFR) acknowledged “to a certain extent we are going to have to yield some of our sovereignty.” Both President Reagan and President Clinton appointed him to key positions dealing with China.

In his book “Men and Power,” Helmut Schmidt, former Chancellor of West Germany referred to the CFR as the “foreign policy elite” which prepared people for ”top-level missions” in government and noted it had a very silent but effective way of seeing to its own succession.”

CFR appears to be providing the impetus, the brainpower and the wealth for the concept of a one-world government. The blueprint is their 59-page document “Building a North American Community,” while the SPP, the NAFTA Superhighway and the KELO decision are the instruments by which they intend to attain that goal. Looking around at what is happening to our country today it does seem they are making good progress at doing just that.

China, along with Mexico, seem to potentially be the biggest winners, beside the CFR, in all that is taking place. Remember what Huang Hua, the Foreign Minister of Communist China said back in 1977, that his country would use trade to build socialism and revolution within the United States. Look what is happening with the deep-water Mexican ports and look who controls the Panama Canal.

What better way to anger and upset our country’s existing populace than to flood the country with illegal immigrants and overwhelm our existing infrastructure? What better way to create socialism than by taking private property and giving it to the government through the use of the Kelo decision?

It would seems that the loyalty of CFR members who hold positions of trust and responsibility within the United States government and have sworn to protect our constitution and the country’s sovereignty have seriously compromised themselves by the very nature of their membership in an organization with such an agenda. What they seem to be doing reminds be of a book titled “None Dare Call It Treason.”

(For further information, do Internet searches using Google only, as AOL searches will not result in the desired information (I know not why). Key searches should be on the Security & Prosperity Partnership (SPP), The NAFTA Super Highway, the Kelo decision, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), CFR membership, CFR membership list and Building a North American Community, the Bilderberg Group and Rhode Scholarship. Sometimes the abbreviation will work, but sometimes it’s best to enter the complete organization name or phrase.)

Allen Ide

Reader: Have you looked in the mirror?

How many times at the beach this summer did I say to myself, “Don’t people look in the mirror anymore?” You can choose to print this or not, but someone has to bring people back to reality.

I just can’t believe how many of the people on the beach are obese. Obesity has become the norm. It affects all segments of the beach crowd — children, teens, parents and grandparents.

I realize where this society has gone wrong — too many temptations: late-night pizza with beer or soda, fast foods, wonderful desserts. Far too many on the list. I know how people go wrong — you have a baby and eat for two, and then keep on doing it after the baby is born. Young children looking at obese parents and thinking it is OK. Parents permitting children to pig out on junk food and sodas.

It is not just about how you look. Bad things are happening to your body as the weight goes on: high blood pressure, joint problems and replacement, diabetes, heart problems and many, many more. As the health slides, more and more 30s, 40s and 50s are in the obituaries.

People need to care more about their health and well-being. My answer is to eat healthy, exercise, care about the way you look and be aware of what you are doing to your body. Eating healthy has never been easier. I just don’t understand why people don’t do it.

Stephanie K. Martucci
Bethany Beach

Lions Club to continue to recycle cans

The Fenwick Island Lions Club applauds the Town of Fenwick Island for its announced voluntary recycling program, which begins in October. (See page 1 article in the Coastal Point’s Aug. 31 issue.)

However, one clarification of the program is needed. The Fenwick Island Lions Club will continue to have its aluminum drink can recycling bins behind the town hall in Fenwick Island, as well as at Lighthouse Liquors on Route 1, and on Route 54 at both Marvin’s and Uncle Willie’s. We will also have collection receptacles along the beach in Fenwick Island. Clearly, this program has the support of the Town of Fenwick Island, and for this we are most grateful.

The Fenwick Island Lions Club has had an aluminum drink can recycling program since 1987 and it has grown to be the largest ongoing fundraising effort of this service organization.

Money raised from this program helps the club sponsor several scholarships each year that are awarded to deserving Indian River High School seniors. The funds also provide needed financial support for the club’s participation in various local and international sight, vision and “leader dog” programs and other worthwhile causes within the communities we serve.

For instance, this past year, the Fenwick Island Lions Club once again took the lead in a vision screening program for all pre-school, Headstart and kindergarten children in Sussex County to test for amblyopia, or “lazy eye,” a serious affliction that is easily treatable and curable, if caught early.

We hope that all individuals in Fenwick Island will continue to help the environment by recycling, and at the same time, support our efforts to fund our service programs. The Fenwick Island Lions Club also has conveniently located recycling bins outside the Fenwick Island/Selbyville area, in Bethany Beach (Grotto’s on Route 26 and G&E on Cedar Neck Road), in Ocean View (Food Lion and Giant on Route 26), in Millville (Hocker’s on Route 26) and recycling barrels along the beach in South Bethany. It should be noted that 100 percent of the money raised in this and other Lions Club fundraisers goes to directly benefit local, state and worldwide humanitarian programs.

The Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) is the organization that financially assists Lions Clubs with large-scale projects that are too expensive for Lions Clubs on their own. This summer, LCIF was recognized by the London-based Financial Times as the top ranked non-governmental service organization worldwide. LCIF came in first among 34 organizations “for its execution of programs, demonstrated accountability, communications internally and externally, program adaptability to the surrounding community and understanding the goals of its corporate supporters.” In other words, LCIF has demonstrated its prudent and efficient use of funds.

Our thanks for your continued support.

Bruce Schoonover, Second Vice President, Co-Chair Environmental Services
Fenwick Island Lions Club