EDITORIAL: Town using foresight on safety

We are a reactionary species.

If something bad happens, we react. We’ve seen it with our vigilence on terrorism since Sept. 11, 2001, rumble strips on Route 1 following a fatal accident when a bicyclist was killed by a sleeping driver and with governments and businesses having to restructure when the economy slumps. Thankfully, Bethany Beach officials are taking a proactive stance on a public safety issue.

Fearful of a fatal incident involving pedestrians or bicyclists, and recognizing that it has become a problem throughout the general community, town officials are looking at ways to improve the safety of those activities within the town. Some of the suggestions are revamped sidewalks, clearing the right-of-way on Kent Avenue and revamping Wellington Parkway with a pedestrian pathway.

For now, all of this is still in the conversational stage, but the fact that it is being investigated is refreshing, if not outright commendable.

The safety of pedestrians and bicyclists is a big concern in this area. We see fatal or near-fatal accidents every year, particularly in the summer months when we are flush with students and foreign workers who are not familiar with the terrain, as well as a basic increase in the number of people driving and walking the roads.

And Bethany Beach is trying to fix the problem before it becomes a fatal problem.

This is not only a quality-of-life issue being discussed by town officials — it’s a life issue. By moving on the offensive and trying to make the roads in town safer for everybody, Bethany Beach is showing that they care about public safety, and is willing to do what it takes to protect its citizens and visitors.


We thank the officials of Bethany Beach for recognizing the situation and embarking on a mission to save real lives. It takes foresight and good judgement to make such a move, and we applaud them wholeheartedly for their efforts.

Obviously, they have a while to go before they can implement any of the ideas they broached earlier this week, but we can all take solace that they’re trying.