EDITORIAL: Plenty of options in Ocean View

If there’s one town that has seen plenty of debate over the past few years, it’s Ocean View. Be it long-range financial questions, debates over the town’s police presence or just rancor amongst a few of the town’s council members, Ocean View has seen its share of conflict amongst its leadership.

And now it’s looking at a coming election.

Historically, small towns have a difficult time getting enough candidates to file for an election. We’ve seen town after town cancel elections because there aren’t opposing candidates, and we’ve seen some towns simply appoint people to the council. Well, Ocean View does not have that problem in its coming election.

With Mayor Gary Meredith and Councilman Norman Amendt both reaching term limitations, two seats of the town’s leadership are up for grabs. And, as of Feb. 19, the town lists Gordon Wood and Vincent Esposito as running for the mayoral slot, and Perry Mitchell, Susan White, Wally Brown and Joe Martinez as running for Amendt’s vacating council seat.

And the filing deadline is not until Feb. 27 for mayor, and March 13 for council.

We are thrilled with the amount of people vying to help lead the town, and not just because it gives us more to write about in our pages.

This involvement suggests that people in Ocean View are paying attention, and have a sense of duty to get involved with the workings of their town. Voters in the town will have real options when they go to place their vote, and they will have the opportunity to vote on issues and make their collective voices heard.

This is what a democracy is all about. No, the people do not have the opportunity to vote on every issue presented to the town — that would be far too timely and expensive for any government to withstand. But, with this many options, voters can select the individuals they feel will be most likely to vote in a manner in which the voter would appreciate.

And that’s how progress is made.

We applaud the citizens of Ocean View who decided to get involved in the process, and we urge the citizens of the town to study the candidates, and get out and vote on April 12.